Chapter 2531 Coincidences in the Cafeteria

Olivia enters Café Montanha and is also surprised by Neilton in the service.

“Good afternoon, ma’am? What will your request be?”

“Are you new here? Congratulations on the opportunity.” Olivia chooses a table.

Isabel, who was at the cash register, rolls her eyes.

Why do people react as if it were something out of this world for a black person to get a job?

“I’ll have a grilled sandwich and cappuccino, please. Don’t overdo the cheese, I need to lose weight.”

“You don’t need it!”

Neilton and Olivia are surprised by the voice.

Cláudio approaches them and greets the new waiter, “How are you? Cláudio Guzman, I’m a regular here.”

“Neilton, but everyone calls me Neil.” Neilton smiles, enjoying meeting new people.

“Bring me what the lady asked for, and put it all on my bill,” Claudio asks gallantly as he sits down.

Olivia stops herself from laughing at the coincidence. Wasn’t she just telling her husband that it was impossible to meet Cláudio to carry out Daryl’s order?

“Mr. Guzman, what a ple
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