Chapter 2537 Explicit Photos
In the next issue of Maggiezine, the cover showed João Paulo and Helen hugging and smiling, looking at the camera. The caption below, in bold white letters, screamed: OVERCOME! JOÃO PAULO AND HELEN ARE GETTING MARRIED AT THE ROCHA HOTEL!

Below, in smaller size, was a transcribed phrase from João Paulo, “We’re not afraid.”

The edition was one of the best-selling in 2005. Newsstand owners have already asked for an extra quota due to readers’ uproar. They always jostle and fight for the last copy.

Bernardo kisses Maggie’s cheek while Henrique jumps for joy.

“Very good, mom! You rock!”

“Thank you, Henrique.” Maggie strokes her son’s hair, “You’re growing up.”

“That always happens.” Henrique laughs, “Dad, are we going to win that trophy again?”

“Press Trophy?” Bernardo’s eyes are shining, “Who knows, son, who knows...”

The door to the CEO of Marçal Publishing’s office opens and Josias appears, in a pinstripe suit and with a bright smile, “Hello! I came to say congratulations.”

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