Chapter 2540 Police Reinforcement

At Rocha Hotel, guests gradually returned to eating in the restaurant. Some guests were still wary and ordered room service.

Benjamin was calm preparing lobster with caper sauce. Jane enters the busy kitchen talking to Octavio.

“There is our sous chef, dear, working as if nothing had happened.”

“But it happened, and I came to talk to you about it.” Octavio states seriously, “I haven’t told you yet, but William and I are following a lead.”

“How interesting.” Jane smiles at her hubby.

“We strongly suspect that Daryl has messed up yet again.” Octavio completes the news.

Jane is perplexed, “Huh? Honey, the police ruled out—”

“That’s the big problem: the police don’t want to see the obvious.”

“Maybe the police don’t want to make Daryl think he’s being watched so he can continue to act and make a mistake in the future.” Jane tries to be optimistic.

“That makes sense, but I can’t sit still, no matter how much Josias wants to.” Octavio sighs, “And there’s more: Diane is also suspecting that h
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