The Rise Of The Consortium Heir

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The Rise Of The Consortium Heir

By: De Castro CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Kelvin was insulted, humiliated, and looked down upon by the same family he had chosen over his billionaire status. His wife betrayed his love by divorcing him to marry Duncan, a Fubris Company billionaire, unknowing to her that Kelvin could be everything she ever dreamed about and more. After the divorce, he comes Kelvin, basking in delight and wealth again. As he dreamt of avenging all the pain inflicted on him, a new trouble arose in his family. A threat that could end his family's reign and legacy. He took it upon himself to rescue his family, no matter the cost.

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  • Mr Sagie


    I love this book

    2023-11-20 04:04:05
  • sophiamill27


    such a very brilliant and intriguing story

    2023-11-06 16:56:19
  • J-King


    Beautiful, Intriguing, and full of suspense

    2023-10-30 16:57:41
  • Vee Vee


    Cool story.

    2023-10-22 02:27:52
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158 chapters
Chapter 1
It was snowing heavily on a Friday night in the bustling city of Vancouzer. The people cowered into their houses, in a bid to escape the cold icy weather. Vancouzer was a small city in Euphoria, and Euphoria as a country was nicknamed the "City of Light," because of its beautiful tall buildings. Kelvin alighted from a cab shivering, as he sauntered toward the house. He pushed the door open impatiently, and shut the door behind him. A delicious aroma of french fries hung in the air. He sniffed it twice and smiled. "Hey baby, I'm back." He screamed from the sitting room. He held a beautiful flower he had gotten while coming home.Today marks the 3rd anniversary of his marriage to Katherine. He had prepared for an intimate night with his beautiful wife. A pugnacious sound from his left caught his attention. It was Mariana, his mother-in-law. Before he could utter a word of greeting, she slammed a file to his chest and glared at him, her eyes dark and intimidating. "And why are you
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Chapter 2
Kelvin kept staring at the document, a flashback from 4 nights ago came flashing across his mind. His crazy erotic sex with Katherine. Flashes of her screaming and moaning his name, as he pounded her mercilessly came flashing back into his mind. He sighed, trying to get his mind off that memory.For a second, he tried to believe that they were fooling him, as they do to each other sometimes. But the handwriting on the document was Katherine's, and so was the signature. There was no other explanation, his marriage was about to collapse. He wished Katherine was there, so he could look her in the eyes and demand an answer. "What are you waiting for? Jesus Christ, just do it already!" Johnny yelled, but Kelvin pretended not to hear him.He took in a deep sigh and sauntered out of the house, holding onto the document. "Where are you going?!" Mariana screamed, chasing after him. He ignored her and climbed on his bicycle. Before Johnny could try to intercept him, he zoomed off, towards K
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Chapter 3
"Where are you, Kelvin? When are you coming home? Please tell me something nice." He kept bombarding Kelvin with questions. There was so much joy and delight in his voice. Uncle Theo was an elder brother to Kelvin's Mom. But he sees Kelvin as his son and his responsibility. His love for Kelvin was as powerful as a father's love. "Katherine and I have divorced Uncle," Kelvin said abruptly, cutting him off. There was a short silence over the phone. "Hello," Kelvin said, glancing at his screen to be sure the call was still going. "Yeah, I heard you. That's a good thing, I warned you before remember." Uncle Theo said as he care less about his feelings. He never liked Katherine for once. "How long?" He asked. "Just today Uncle. Honestly, it doesn't matter." Kelvin said."Good, you should get over it. Remember I told you she's not worth it. You should have listened to me, boy." He declared."You were right Uncle, I'm sorry for not listening sooner," Kelvin said in a soft tone."Good!
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Chapter 4
Kelvin rode his bicycle into the compound, and Katherine followed closely with her Mercedes Benz GLK 350. When Kelvin entered the house, Mariana and Johnny rushed towards him, with anger."And where have you been? Where is the document? What have you done to it?! You animal!" Mariana roared continuously. Kelvin ignored her to enter the room, but she held his trousers and dragged him back."Where are the papers, you useless fool? Why are you doing this to us? What's so difficult for you to sign? Can you please leave my family alone?" Mariana continued, her eyes had become teary.Kelvin only stared at her in anger, but he didn't utter a word."Kelvin, you have to sign this document. We don't want you in our family anymore. We can't take a share of your failure, you asshole." Johnny snapped in.Immediately, Katherine came into the house with the document in her hands. Hearing those harsh words from her family, a sad expression flew across her face."Hey, darling, you have the document.
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Chapter 5
At exactly 11:30 a.m., Kelvin stood right in front of the courtroom, sipping from his canned water. His divorce with Katherine had just been finalized in the courtroom a few minutes earlier. No one was happier than Mariana, as she smiled sheepishly and basked in the rising sunlight. One would think she had received a medal, for putting so much effort into destroying her daughter's marriage. Katherine had arranged herself to return home, when she spotted Kelvin standing right by the far end of the building, sipping his water like he didn't care. She plodded in his direction, with her hands folded across her chest."Hey," she greeted, and Kelvin waved his hand like he didn't know who she was."Uhh! You've got a moment?" She asked, forcing a smile on her face. "I definitely don't want to waste it on you, so you can go…" Kelvin retorted carelessly."Can you please listen to what I have to say?" She said, raising her voice."Gosh! Katherine, you wanted to divorce, I've given you what y
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Chapter 6
It was Friday morning, and the bustling city of Vancouzer was booming, as people went about their various daily activities like nothing else mattered. Kelvin rode his bicycle speedily down the road. He was late for work, and he knew his boss wouldn't take it easy with him. On reaching the small company, sitting in the rural street, two police vehicles were lying in wait, right in front of the company. He couldn't help but wonder what was going on.He packed his bicycle and sauntered towards the door. On entering the company building, all eyes fell on him. His heartbeat increased as he began to panic, wondering what he had done. "Kelvin," an unfamiliar voice called him from behind. He turned around and saw a giant man in a police uniform. He was about 5.9 feet tall, his muscles pushed out of his uniform, displaying his scary nature. "You're Kelvin right?" The police officer inquired."Yes, that's my name." Kelvin retorted confidently. His gaze showed confusion."You're under arre
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Chapter 7
Inside the police quarters, Kelvin was left alone in a quiet room. He had a dull face reminiscing about what Katherine had told him back in the field. He should've listened. Could it be Katherine who wants to punish him for refusing her sexual advances? Who was the young man laughing at him back in the company, as the police took him away? Different thoughts occupied his mind.The door flung open, and 3 policemen entered the room with a file. Kelvin glared at them, knowing very well that he was innocent of the accusations."Have you come to make a bluff, officer?" Kelvin asked, showing no sign of anxiety. A weird smirk covered his face, as he shifted his gaze from one of the policemen to the other."Listen to me Kelvin, I know you're stubborn, but trust me, it won't help you here.""We're the only ones who can save you from going to jail. All you have to do is admit the truth, that you stole the Strongbox." The policeman with the file said to him. Kelvin raised his head and furrowed
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Chapter 8
Kelvin sat down on a wooden chair, his hands and legs bound with a strong rope. Blood oozed out of his mouth, as he faced the ground, trying to catch his breath.Duncan and Johnny had beaten him mercilessly, while the two policemen in the room just watched, till he fainted. They left him to wake up from slumber, before they would continue. When Kelvin woke up, he was bleeding from every angle of his body. He darted his eyes around, praying no one would notice he had woken up. But unfortunately, one of the policemen saw him and announced it to the others.Kelvin gasped in fear, seeing Duncan marching towards him. Duncan wouldn't stop trying to get Kelvin to admit that he stole the Strongbox.Once Kelvin has accepted, he would cast him to jail, and make sure he never sees the sunlight in the outside world again. But Kelvin had proved to be stubborn. "You're awake now boy. Let's talk, before you undergo more series of punishment," Duncan said, staring mockingly at Kelvin. Kelvin star
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chapter 9
Sudden silence engulfed the room. Kelvin gazed at the crowd standing before him with satisfaction in his eyes. He let out a low smile, and frowned his face, feeling like the boss.Duncan couldn't take his gaze away from Kelvin. "Who the fuck is he? Is he that influential?" Duncan kept questioning himself in his thoughts, wearing a confused expression on him.He darted his eyes around and caught Pamela's gaze fixated on him. He quickly shifted his eyes to his father, who stared at him in disgust."Somebody get this fucking ropes off me!…" Kelvin commanded. The policemen plodded towards him with trembling legs. They quickly untied him, and gave his space. Kelvin stood up and raised his shoulders, feeling like the boss. He collected a handkerchief from one of the men, and wiped the stains of blood on his lips. The whole crowd had their gaze fixated on him, but he ignored everybody's eye.When he was done cleaning up, he raised his head and smirked at Duncan and Johnny, who stood with f
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chapter 10
5 hours later, Kelvin was lying on his hospital bed alone. Everybody had gone, including Pamela. He fixated his gaze on the roof, reminiscing about things he had missed since he eloped with Katherine. Immediately, a knock came on the door, and Katherine entered. She wore a gloomy countenance as she stepped into the room. Her gaze was on Kelvin, she stared at him sorrowfully, due to his condition. She never expected Johnny to associate with such a plan of Duncan's, so she didn't care to plead on his behalf."Hey Kelv," she greeted, but he gave her a clumsy look, and returned his gaze to the ceiling like she wasn't there. She sighed and sat on the chair close to his bed. Her gaze traveled from his head to toe, assessing the wounds her brother, and her lover inflicted on him. "How're you feeling now?" She asked in a soft tone, she blamed herself for everything that had happened. All this is happening because of the one choice she made. A glimpse of what happened back at the police q
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