Chapter 2553 We Don’t Know About Anyone Else

At Rocha Constructions, Josias is very focused on the Guarapari project. He is standing, calling one of the cement suppliers.

“Look, I received the report from the head of Engineering, and I can say that I wasn’t satisfied with what I read. You urgently need to improve the quality because I don’t want the building to collapse with the residents still inside! Can you imagine what a scandal that would be? Your name would go down in the mud with me.”

The door opens and Reuben appears with Daryl.

“I told you he’s busy,” Reuben speaks quietly.

Daryl replies in the same tone, “Believe me, boy. He’ll listen to me.”

Reuben gives up and closes the door. Daryl takes a deep breath. Is today...

Josias sees Daryl and ends the call, “OK, contact Mr. Alfred Paterson and agree on the best solution. I’m counting on you, bye!” He turns to Daryl, “What a surprise!”

Daryl approaches cautiously, “You’re going to lose that smile when you hear what I have to say, Josias.”

“What are you talking about? There’
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