Chapter 2557 Using the Sick Wife

The next day, Amoreira receives a call from his cell phone when he is still waking up.

The detective struggles a little to find his cell phone among the clutter in his room. The device continues to ring insistently.

The door opens and Brigitte, already ready to go to college, finds the situation funny. “Dad, do you intend to answer your cell phone, or do you like the music playing?”

Amoreira holds the blanket. “Daughter, what is this? Your father is not decent.”

Brigitte tsks with her tongue and pulls the blanket. Amoreira, however, was in boxer shorts. The cell phone was under the blanket, and Amoreira would probably never find it.

“The cell phone was almost biting you, Dad.” Brigitte holds out the device to him, “And it’s Mr. Queiroz.”

“Oh, my.” Amoreira picked up his cell phone, but the call had gone to voicemail.

However, it rang again, and Amoreira cleared his throat to answer, “Hello?”

On the other side, in his apartment, Vernon was impatient, “Were you sleeping? Did I interrupt
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