Chapter 2580 Two Blows to the Head in One Day

The flower vase temporarily knocked out Ulysses. When he regained consciousness, he only saw that his apartment was empty, with shards of the toilet around him.

“Addie... you damn thing!”

Ulysses gets up and stumbles outside.

Meanwhile, Adelaide was in the building’s parking lot, with her hands shaking, trying to call the police.

“Hello! Hello, police officer... Call detective Amoreira! I need to talk to him urgently! My husband is crazy and he wants to kill me!”

“Madam, in case of domestic violence, we will forward it to the responsible sector. Detective Amoreira does not have the authority to arrest attackers, he only investigates the crime.”

“I’m his client... Adelaide Cardozo, sister of the late Shirley Mountain!”

The police officer, with just this information, knew how to take care of the situation, “A vehicle is being dispatched right now, Mrs. Cardozo! Are you at home?”

“I left the apartment and I’m hiding in the parking lot!”

“OK, we have your address!”

“Quickly!” Adelaide han
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