Chapter 2588 Don’t Confuse Caroline

Melissa is startled by Alan’s sudden question.

“Son, do you want to know if I noticed adulterous conduct between Cláudio Guzman and Olivia Vasquez?”

“Maybe, if you had noticed, that photo had some truth to it,” Alan responds.

“No, son, I didn’t stop to pay attention to that.” Melissa shakes her head, “Of course, we always suspected that Olivia Vasquez had a crush on Cláudio Guzman, especially with what happened at the fashion show in 2003. But, son, I definitely didn’t notice any of that at this year’s festival. I’ve been pretty busy, and I trusted Olivia wouldn’t do anything like that.”

“Yes, she was left out of the fashion show last year because of the confusion.” Alan rubs his chin, “Well, Sofia doesn’t want to believe that her mother willingly got involved with another guy. In fact, she says that my future in-laws are increasingly romantically linked.”

Melissa smiles, “That’s great. Now, son, as for your sister...”

“Mom, Carol admitted that she’s been pretending this whole time to
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