Chapter 2596 Someone Decides to Become a Crasher

In the Mountain Penthouse, Erasmo appeared to debate.

“I want to talk about something your older brother tried to do against my marriage, Kelvin.” Erasmo crosses his arms.

Kelvin narrows his eyes, “What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about the fact that your brother sent a photo of my wife entering Cláudio Guzman’s dressing room as if they were engaged in adulterous activity.” Erasmo gets serious.

Felipe holds back a laugh, “PFFF...”

“Hey, young man, keep your respect or get out of here!” Erasmo shouts, “Don’t interfere with the adults’ conversation!”

“Felipe, please...” Kelvin gestures for Felipe to leave.

“I’ll explain later, Uncle Kelvin.” Felipe leaves after turning off the radio.

Kelvin waits for Felipe’s footsteps to die down the corridor before continuing. “OK, Mr. Vasquez. You have my attention. What bizarre talk is this?”

“Your brother thought my wife was cheating on me.” Erasmo informs him, “But that was far from the truth. My wife vehemently denies it, and I believe h
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