Chapter 2607 Jane’s Shattered Dreams

At Café Montanha, it seems that Isabel has some proposal to make to Adelaide and Amoreira.

“What are you talking about, Mrs. Mountain?” Adelaide asks interested.

“Mrs. Cardozo, would you allow me to make a storyline for my soap opera based on what you went through?”

Adelaide and Amoreira’s eyes widen.

“Why do you want to do this?” Adelaide is intrigued.

“Because your life story has everything a good soap opera needs: drama, adventure, strong emotions! And most importantly: a happy ending.”

“My husband was killed by a car and my sister fell from the balcony of a penthouse!”

“For that reason: the villains were punished and the protagonist was rewarded with true love.” Isabel points to Amoreira.

Amoreira is embarrassed, “Mrs. Mountain, I don’t know if we want our lives exposed on TV.”

Isabel pulls up a chair and sits next to the couple, excited as a cosmetics saleswoman, “Hey, I’m not thinking about using your real names or casting actors who look like you! I’m just thinking about writin
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