Chapter 2626 Reuben Reproves Felipe

At Crystal Blue, Caroline and Reuben see Felipe’s dilemma.

“Poor Felipe.” Caroline laments, “He still can’t mix drinks with the same mastery as his mother.”

“That proves he’s adopted.” Reuben scoffs, “He didn’t naturally inherit Diane Mountain’s talent.”

“Reuben, that was uncalled.” Caroline rolls her eyes.

“Let’s go. Suddenly I felt thirsty...” Reuben directs Caroline to the bar.

Felipe trembles in his thighs as he sees the couple approaching. “Reuben, what are you doing here? Caroline is not of legal drinking age yet!”

Reuben scowls, “And how do you know my girlfriend’s age?”

Caroline shakes her head, “Reuben, please. The date of my birth is highlighted all over the Internet. It’s not something people don’t know about.”

Felipe smiles ironically and continues preparin

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