Chapter 2633 Novelty Explored

Maggiezine released the latest issue to newsstands and the online version.

Cardozo Perfumes’ advertising campaign wasn’t well highlighted, so readers were taken by surprise when leafing through the magazine or browsing the website.

As Sofia feared, the uproar among the women was intense. As soon as the first readers saw Alan’s seductive photo in the men’s perfume commercial, they told their friends to run and check it out.

She received countless emails and text messages from her friends praising her boyfriend’s firm and strong body. On the Internet, women in droves were commenting on ‘how the heir to Rocha Constructions has grown’.

Adelaide was thrilled with the repercussions. Amoreira watched her while they ate breakfast.

“Honey, I’m going to feel threatened when you look at this magazine so much.” He comments jokingly.

Adelaide didn’t get the joke. “You don’t nee

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