Chapter 2637 Things Seem to Be Resolved

Cláudio is in his office, watching the commercial on the Internet with a victorious smile. The commercial was barred to anyone under 18 and he had to prove his identity before accessing it.

“Wow, if after this commercial I’m still single, then there’s something wrong with me!”

The door opens and Kelvin says angrily, “Yes, you don’t hold back on getting revenge!”

Cláudio is startled and looks at the door with wide eyes. “YOW! What are you doing here?”

“Don’t think I never came to this place.” Kelvin approaches him.

Cláudio quickly pauses the video and opens another window to disguise it.

Kelvin smiles mockingly, “What happened? Were you accessing immoral websites? Does your mother know about your perverted taste?”

“It’s none of your business what content I browse!” Cláudio stands up, “I imagine you came to complain about your nephew, huh?”

With the door ajar, Josias stops it and watches the conversation from here.

“Yes, I heard he resigned. What did you do to stop such madness?”

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