Chapter 2638 Not Everyone Is Happy

Olivia and Erasmo are ecstatic with the turn of events. If before they felt that everything was lost, now their hopes have been renewed.

Father, mother, and daughter collectively hug.

“Congratulations, daughter! You applied my advice!” Erasmo exclaims excitedly.

“I just understood Alan’s side, Dad.” Sofia breaks the hug, wiping away tears of emotion.

Olivia was also crying, “How emotional... I thought we lost everything.”

“No way. It won’t be sexy pictures of my man that will separate me from him.” Sofia shakes her index finger. “And what’s more, if this continues, I’d rather make my own collection.”

Olivia and Sofia smile in complicity.

Erasmo, however, becomes serious. “Calm down, ladies, let’s not be vulgar. It was just an advertising campaign. The next photo of Alan will be wearing a pinstripe suit, in his father’s office. The people of Lagoon City cannot mistake him for a gigolo.”

“What’s that, my dear...” Olivia protests, smiling.

“Dad, don’t worry. I don’t think Alan will want
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