Paxton The Outstanding Son-in-law

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Paxton The Outstanding Son-in-law

By: Suzzy CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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I am the heir to a very wealthy Family, but I am also a useless son-in-law. My days of being bullied by others are over, and I'm going to make the entire world tremble for me.

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163 chapters
"I…..I've traveled through time!"A handsome young man widened his eyes in shock.He found himself in a strange hall, wearing a woman's nightgown, and a very seductive one at that.He felt uncomfortable and quickly began to practically touch his body.Time travel was not unacceptable, but as a man, he didn't want to be stuck in a woman's body and be taken advantage of by other men in the future.Fortunately, there were no towering peaks on his chest, and he didn't seem to be missing anything." Fell off a cliff while hiking and didn't die, but ended up in a wealthy family's home. I guess it's a blessing in disguise!"The exquisite crystal chandelier above his head and the beautiful patterned redwood furniture exuded an indescribable sense of luxury.Looking in the mirror, he saw a handsome and charming man, Except for the strange woman's nightgown, he looked like a rich young master.Paxton couldn't help but dance with joy.He used to be liked and despised, but he never thought he wo
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Paxton went to a bank not far from his residence. The Bank's female housekeeper, Amira, arranged by the Brave Ventures group's previous owner, informed him that a Ten-billion-dollar remittance needed to be activated at a bank near his community before it could be used.Additionally, the message prepared for Peyton was also sent to the bank manager there. The girl was not only beautiful but also smart and capable. Her arrangements would never have any mistakes.After obtaining the unimaginable Ten billion dollars, Paxton walked with an extremely confident expression.When he entered the bank lobby, his eyes kept darting to the opposite side, most people didn't dare to meet his sharp gaze. Even the pretty female, the clerk who was handling business at the window turned her head away when she saw Paxton approaching. She then lowered her head to tidy up the things on her desk and never dared to look up and meet his gaze."I'm Avery an easy-going and approachable person."" I know!"T
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Little Bruno, who had nothing to do with the matter shouted at the top of her lungs just to show her presence."How could Paxton, a useless loser have Ten billion in his account!""If he has that much money, I'm willing to call him 'dad' in front of everyone".Manager Andrew, who was beside her, cast his predatory gaze on Altham."Altham, you deliberately spread rumors before leaving the company. Just wait for your salary to be completely deducted this month!"While Manger Andrew and Little Bruno were scolding, Altham burst into tears.At that moment, an elderly man with glasses rushed into the Hall, panting, and asked " Where is the client with Hundred billion?"Altham said that the loser over there has a Hundred billion in his account. If I didn't Know his true identity, I might have been fooled, he added." President James, Altham was fired by Vice President Bailey for arguing with company employees during working hours, Please don't believe the nonsense of a former employee…"F
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Although Anastasia saw her mother and Derby just now, she didn't take the initiative to say hello, she was already a married woman and didn't want to be seen flirting with other men in public.Amelia kept waving at her daughter, Anastasia, why didn't you come over to say hello to brother Derby? You don't even have basic manners anymore. How did I teach you before?"Auntie, Anastasia is probably too busy with work to talk to me. Don't blame her for such a trivial matter, Derby defended Anastasia while mocking Paxton," You must be the useless husband of Anastasia, aren't you?"You're just a fake man…Hahaha,You even brought a gift. Do you also want to give a gift to Grandpa, you poor guy?" This useless man is not worth a hundred dollars. Even if he wants to buy a gift, it's just some cheap stuff worth ten or twenty dollars Amelia sneered."" Paxton look at Derby. He's just a friend to Anastasia, but he spent over ten million to buy an ancient painting as a gift for Grandpa's birth
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Paxton, of course, wouldn't tell the truth.Facing the inquiring looks of those around him, he spoke with a smug tone."Before coming to the Adams family Mansion, I randomly bought this painting for a few dozen dollars from a street vendor. I Never expected to strike it rich and make a fortune this time."Countless envious gazes were cast towards Paxton.This young man was really lucky.He spent just a few dozen dollars and bought a painting worth billions.Why couldn't they have such good luck?Some even began to point fingers at Derby, who had tried to fool them with a fake painting.Since Paxton's painting was real, Derby's painting must be fake.They never expected that the Young and talented Derby, who was famous in the city, would try to deceive people with a fake painting."Derby, I spent ten million dollars on a fake painting…" Derby wore a pained expression under the gaze of those around him.Of course, he knew the painting was fake.But the forger had repeatedly assured him
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" Ah…"After hearing what Grandpa Adam said, Amelia fell to the ground with her four limbs in the air.She had just been calculating how to take possession of the House that Grandpa Adam had just given to her Son in law, and then find a way to drive away Paxton, the useless son then everything would be hersBut she didn't expect that Grandpa Adam would suddenly say such words.Thinking that she had been busy for half a day and ended up with nothing Amelia fainted on the spot.….In the evening, Anastasia took Paxton to a magnificent club in the city."Come on, I'll take you to meet some of my good sisters tonight!"Anastasia said casually while holding Paxton's hand.Her simple action made Paxton's body tremble.Anastasia looked at Paxton with a puzzled expression, then sighed. Paxton, the reason why I was so cold to you in the past followed by mother's arrangements, and hardly let you touch me in those years was to stimulate your courage to move forward not to deliberately distance
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John's face became a little ugly.The other girls were bragging about how great he was. However, Paxton said such questioning words to his face.This is disgusting to him in person."Platinum members of the Beverly Hills City Club have privileges that other members can't imagine. You can do anything in this club without hindrance. How can you, a frog in the bottom of a well, know that!"John yelled, gritted his teeth."John, what is your identity? I'm not afraid of losing my identity if I lose my temper with this kind of wimp."While several girls complimented John, a handsome female welcome came forward and bowed slightly, "John, according to the regulations of our guide hall, even the highest level platinum membership card can only bring four guests at most. "Let's go in together with John himself, there are already five of you."Several young men and women understood what the female welcome meant.That is, John can only bring four people in.There is one more person among them no
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As everyone including his wife, questioned him, Paxton burst out laughing on the spot.Since everyone doubted him, he decided to prove it with facts."Dixson, who was the bastard that hit you? Didn't you tell him that you're my woman?"" The damn guy even dared to hit Salem's woman. He's asking for trouble!"With a roar, a middle-aged bald man with eight security guards charged over aggressively."It's that little white fowl guy over there who looks like a migrant worker. He's not even a regular member of the club, but he came in and wandered around. He was even flirting with Tammany in the lobby."" I saw this little white-faced guy stealing something in the lobby, so I drove him away. I didn't expect him to get angry and hit me…Tammany wouldn't help me, and she even wanted to let this wild man just hooked up with go!"" Manager Salem, I don't even know this gentleman and he's not my man…" Tammany blushed and defended herself.Manager Salem had been lusting after her beauty for a
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After slapping a few people, including Dixson, the short and fat old man bowed respectfully to Paxton and said, " Mr. Paxton, I am Grayson, the owner of the Beverly Hills City Club. I was busy getting your membership card just now, which delayed us for a few minutes.""This is a specially made black diamond card for you, Mr. Paxton. There is only one in the entire Beverly Hills City Club, and from now on, no matter how many people you bring here, you will not be restricted by the club."Grayson lowered his posture and spoke in an extremely respectful tone to Paxton, not knowing that he had become Paxton's master at this moment. A few minutes ago, a mysterious person bought the Beverley Hills City Club with a huge sum of money that Grayson could not refuse and told him not to disclose Paxton's true identity to the public. Grayson hurriedly came with the black diamond card only trying to please Paxton. However, his words gave John, Ava, and Vice President Deane a shock that was no
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After John and Ava were taken away, Paxton's gaze turned to Tammany, who was constantly shedding tears. "This young girl is a rare talent", "Tammany, you need to go to the personnel department Immediately… ""Boss, please don't fire me. I didn't do anything tonight, " Tammany said, her eyes welling up with tears again.I didn't say I was going to fire you. I want you to go to the personnel department to complete your new employment procedures.John, that bastard has already been fired by me. Now, the position of vice president of the Beverly Hills City Club is vacant. From now on, you will be the new vice president of the Beverly Hills City Club.The Beverly Hills City Club has changed hands now.However, Jayden still asked Grayson to continue managing the club, and the compensation offered was quite good. Grayson had no intention of leaving the club for the time being.As for Tammany the pretty receptionist, it seems that the new owner has taken a liking to her. Perhaps he was
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