Chapter 2658 Alan Campos Rocha Takes Action

Josias and Octavio are stunned by Caio’s question. Should he call the police to report drug dealers?

“What did William do?” Josias asks after a few seconds of bewilderment.

“He didn’t do anything.” Caio responds, “Maybe that was the mistake, huh?”

“Well, nephew, if you really want my opinion...” Josias takes a deep breath and answers seriously, “I’d tell you to report it to the police. The Happiness Slum police station wasn’t built so people wouldn’t use it. What’s the point of having police if we don’t open our mouths to report crimes? The police won’t know when to act.”

Caio nods, “I understand. I confess that I was a little scared, even though my father resolved it calmly. As they now know that that land belongs to the family of the wife of the legendary Josias Rocha, if something goes wrong, they can blame us.”

Josias and Octavio laugh respectfully.

Octavio states, “Caio, it’s exactly the opposite. Now that they know that the land belongs to you, no miscreants will dare to bother
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