Chapter 2659 Exerting Your Citizenship

Rosemary and Thierry go to Cardozo Perfumes to talk to Kelvin about the next campaign.

They find a beautiful secretary leading them to the representative’s office.

“Wow, Mr. Mountain!” Thierry whistles, “How chic! Are the photos making that much profit to invest in staff?”

“Yes, and we’ll double our earnings with a new campaign.” Kelvin invites them both to sit down.

Then, he moves to the other side of the desk and sits down, “And then, Thierry, I want to hear your ideas.”

“Well, Rose became famous with cute and simple photos, reaching the young adult audience.” Thierry begins, “We can continue in this vein. The first photos were of her dancing and vibrating as if she were at a party. I think we can repeat the dose with a little more realism.”

“A real party scene?” Kelvin asks interested.

“Exactly. That’s what people like nowadays, right? Here in Downtown, there is a nightclub that has been operating since the 80s, called Night Lagoon. Can we contact them?”

“Noted,” Kelvin takes out a
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