Chapter 2661 A Message

Early in the morning, Kelvin and Felipe had breakfast. Kelvin realized that Felipe still hadn’t gotten over Alan’s visit.

“Felipe, I need you to understand something.” Kelvin speaks, wanting to break the hateful silence, “Alan was raised by me while Josias and Melissa were divorced. Now they are back, but the bond that was formed between the two of us won’t be broken. So don’t feel offended when he comes around to chat.”

“I heard you interacted with the twins... and Melissa.” Felipe takes everything to the evil side.

“We went to the beach, and the twins buried me in the sand. But when it was time to dig me out, the tide quickly came in, covering me back up. It was a rush to get me out of the sand before I drowned.” Kelvin laughs, remembering the dangerous but fun occasion.

“Uncle Kelvin, I see the sparkle in your eyes.” Felipe insists, “You still miss family life. You still love Melissa Campos.”

“Her name is Melissa Rocha, and I hope you don’t forget that when you’re in front of her.”
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