Married To My Secretary

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Married To My Secretary

By: Seenbi CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Santiago Centinelo, a handsome 25”year”old millionaire is about to lose the presidency of his company for not leading a formal life, his life takes a turn when he asks his secretary, Kate Green, to be his wife for six months. Meet the hilarious hate”love marriage between Santiago Centinelo and his secretary when things don't go as they expected. A romantic comedy of a singular couple, he an arrogant and cold boy, instead she is warmth, clumsiness and kindness, they are the ideal couple to pretend to be a perfect marriage.

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  • Ruth Andersen


    This would have been a lovely story to enjoy, if only the grammar had been cleaned up. The author is confusing in the gender identity of the characters. Please edit the errors.

    2023-03-29 19:01:54
  • boris


    consistent replacement he/ she, his/her ..... frustrating reading¡

    2023-09-08 13:37:36
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115 chapters
Chapter 1
The sound of the device on my nightstand wakes me up, still sleepy I extend my hand to turn it off after three attempts I succeed, damn alarm “I say to myself” as I wish I could fall asleep all day, but I have more important things to do to laze around, 5 am, the perfect time to run a few miles, to relax and get rid of all the stress that being me, Santiago Centinelo, causes me, plus I have to maintain my body, my ripped abs are not there for being lazy.I take my cell phone, I call Malcom, my exercise partner, he also likes to keep fit although sometimes grudgingly, like today."Malcom, get ready, I'll pick you up in 10 minutes," I say, as soon as he picks up, I've already gotten out of bed and I'm looking for something to wear in my closet."Santiago... how about we go tomorrow?" His hoarse, sleepy voice disappoints me."I already told you, 10 minutes."Having said this, I hang up the call, I put on my sweatshirt, tennis shoes and a gray sweatshirt, Malcom knows that for me, 10 minu
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Chapter 2
I enter my private elevator, I wouldn't enter with all the employees at the same time for the world, apart from the fact that it's uncomfortable for me how they stare at me. My elevator has glowing letters that read "Corporate" so everyone respect this elevator, you don't want to lose your job over that little detail.I walk through the 25th floor until I go to my office that is at the bottom, I notice that my secretary is not there and I look at my watch, it is because she was here. Someone will have problems today. I enter my office, the view of New York from here is extraordinary, I touch my glass desk gently with my fingers to make sure it is perfectly clean, as is my ergonomic swivel chair, the glass that semi surrounds my office, yes, everything it is perfect.I take my laptop out of my briefcase and turn it on sitting in my chair ahhh! I could fall asleep in it, I love it, I look at a piece of paper on my desk, it seems strange to me, I take the paper out from under the newspri
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Chapter 3
Arriving at my hotel room, he throws me on the bed. Wow wow! She takes off her dress and in just a few minutes she is on top of me in her underwear, I follow her rhythm, she runs her hands over my torso and literally rips my clothes off, she has a nice body, she is not very tall but her skin fits perfectly to her curves , she has a perfect body that I know Romanov has paid for, because... well, I'm a man and I can distinguish between natural breasts and paid ones, these are from the latter.He strips off the rest of the clothes he was still wearing, I take a condom out of my wallet, there's no way I'm going to sleep with someone without protecting myself, I don't want them to come out with stories about a pregnancy or end up with some disease, he moans loudly when I enter she practically screams with each thrust, she deafens me, maybe it would have been good if her screams weren't so eloquent, I think I've gone deaf, I can't even let go calmly Until finally! Damn, I want to get out of
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Chapter 4
"Well, your mission was to find me a secretary, not a spoonful of sugar, Malcom," he smiles and stands up adjusting his jacket."Well, what's done is done. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to see that Andi does things the way I say."I remind you, Schmitt, I don't want that kind of behavior in my company." I look into his eyes, with the most serious expression I can have."Of course, boss," he makes a military sign with his right hand, saying this, he leaves.I take out my computer, I need to check my mail.Someone knocks on the door, "come in," I say, as I start typing my password. The magazine photographer enters through the fine wood beige door.“Tell me McGarthy. I say, watching him walk through the door, a huge camera hanging from his neck.“I just want to tell you that the model that had been hired did not show up.“What? Demons! Please go to Malcom's office and tell him that, he is in charge of those contracts, and please prepare the photo shoot with Jennifer Lopez no later tha
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Chapter 5
“Hello? I say when picking up.“Son! How are you? "Well, if you didn't call me.""Okay dad, and you?" “Damn! Now what the hell is he going to claim me for?“Well son, today I'll be in New York, do you think we have breakfast?I want to talk to you.Not."Okay dad. I'll be at the company at 6."Okay, I'll wait for you there.Saying this, hang up the call. I don't have a great relationship with my father, so I know this will end up in discussion.I can't even think clearly, I can't even finish writing the report on this trip. I think and think, I take a shower and it took me more than twenty minutes for thinking stupid things, I look in the mirror while I adjust my light blue tie with darker tones. I put the dark blue jacket on my shoulders as I get out of the jet.I don't even realize that we are already in front of the company. I've been thinking all the way about what my father will possibly throw in my face.I go up to my office and there it is. Observing the city through the window
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Chapter 6
It is an awkward silence between the two as they do not answer any of their questions until we arrive at the company. I get on the elevator regardless of whether he goes with me or not, but as expected he follows me to the office and nods to Malcom who is standing to the side going through some papers, Malcom enters the office right after him."Malcom, how come Santiago got married and I don't know anything about it?" he snaps, a hint of anger in his voice, as he looks Malcom in the eye and I lean back in my swivel chair wishing I'd never been born.Malcom looks at me with some uncertainty but understands quickly with just one look."Ah, yes... Mr. Centinelo," he stammers, "Santiago told me not to tell anyone because it's his private life."Good!Now he looks at me."Who is she, Santiago?""Dad, keep your voice down, I don't want everyone to notice." I get up from my chair adjusting my jacket and I go to the filing cabinet to take out some papers as calmly as possible while Malcom con
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Chapter 7
I wake up with a tremendous headache that makes me lie down again between my brown velvet sheets massaging my temples. I prepare my bathtub with all kinds of aromatic essences, I immerse myself in it trying to calm that overwhelming pain, I think I'll have to go for some pills, but how the hell did I get here? I relax while listening to classics in English and suddenly all the memories start to come to my mind, the bar, all the drinks, my father, Kate... Kate? I open my eyes wide, what a shame that Kate saw me that way and incidentally saw me vomit and faint, damn it! I'm bad at getting drunk and I know it, I don't know why I always do it, at least I don't go crazy like Malcom and end up dancing on the internet.I get out of the bathtub and get dressed as fast as I can to see the time on my watch, for the first time in my life I'll be late, I won't drink like that again, I go down the steps as fast as I can and drive to the office I look at myself in the rearview mirror of the car and
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Chapter 8
“He took you to your house the other day and he didn't take a photo of you to bribe you later, nor to sell it to the media “I'm distracted thinking that Kate could be a good option “Do you remember that day I went out with that girl? I got drunk and he bribed me for three months with that fucking video of me dancing in that red thong.Laughed out loud. I still remember that, the girl sent me the video hoping that I would fire Malcom because he didn't give her ten thousand dollars for the video.“Think about it, Kate is the only option, besides we are not going to deny that Kate is beautiful “I keep thinking about Kate... she can be my salvation “And she hates you, which makes things easier “Malcom adds enthusiastically what It calls my attention."Why do you say you hate me?"“Because all your secretaries hate you, Santiago. Let's face it “ I can't help but laugh, I love being hated.“Have him come here, please,” I say, opening my laptop to start typing."Well, whatever you call me,"
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Chapter 9
Or so I hope."Okay, I want to clear this up, Mr. Centinelo," he clears his throat, and now if he looks at me, "Are you asking me to pretend to be your wife to have dinner with your family?" I think I'm still not explaining myself well."Not exactly," I get up from my place and walk around my desk slowly before I burst into her and say no, "I'm asking you to marry me, since my father didn't really believe that I got married and wants to see the marriage certificate."I had never been so patient. I stop in front of her, she looks at me puzzled, I bring my face closer to hers taking my hands to both arms of the chair where she is sitting, it smells so good, and those eyes for God's sake, what do they have that attract me so much?“Kate, it's only for dinner with my parents, then our lives continue. I'll double your salary”perhaps so if I agree.And he looks at me again, speechless, well, I'd be the same if I had a boss who asked me to marry me, although I wouldn't say no.“I don't know.
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Chapter 10
We arrive at the place, quite fine, Malcom's blonde "friend" helps me with some rings, they are supposed to be the most expensive, I don't know much about rings for girls so I accept his proposals.At about 3 in the afternoon I call Kate to tell him the place where we are supposed to get married, if I had more time I would have at least changed, but so what? I'm getting divorced in 6 months and this will just be a bad memoryKate walks through that door, while Malcom and I are sitting on a small bench in the lawyer's office, my hands are sweating and I know she feels the same way, I give her the engagement ring as we approach the elderly man who luckily she's on the phone and didn't realize that Kate is just putting on her engagement ring with a huge diamond in the center that she looks in amazement. When he finally stops talking on the phone and looks at us."I love love stories, of young people who get married without much thought," he exclaims effusively. What? Love story?She star
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