The Richest Heir

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The Richest Heir

By: Shabnam Tiwana OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Caleb King faced tough times, juggling college on a sponsorship and working as a delivery boy to get by. However, a twist of fate transformed his life, when he suddenly finds himself becoming a billionaire.

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243 chapters
"I have explained it many times. I am an orphan and have no relatives. How can I inherit a so-called huge inheritance?" "Besides, I am a poor, and deceiving me is just a waste of time for you!" "I'm busy at work, please you and your 'colleagues' stop harassing me, or I’ll call the police!" At the entrance of the Eden Grand Hotel, Caleb King, wearing a red uniform, hung up the phone impatiently and blocked the number. It was already the tenth scam call he had received since this morning! . What’s wrong with these phone scammers? Why insist on deceiving a poor guy who is deeply in debt? Even their excuses for deceiving him were just as lame and stupid! How can an orphan get a huge inheritance of more than one trillion dollars? What a ridiculous trick! "But if I had a trillion dollars, I would definitely buy the Eden Grand Hotel and have good time in the most expensive presidential suite with Tracy!" Looking up at the splendid Eden Hotel, Caleb murmured enviously. It is the mo
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As soon as the door opened, a hot and seductive woman appeared. Caleb’s eyes subconsciously swept over the two plump “hemispheres” on her upper body, as well as her graceful slender legs in black stockings. However, he averted her gaze when Caleb saw the woman’s face. "Mrs. Hattie, you... Well, it’s really a nice day today! Anything I can do for you?" Caleb touched his head and asked with some embarrassment and worry. "Little Caleb, have you think about how to pay the rent?" Mrs. Hattie spoke, her voice of seduction, and the desire in her fiery eyes were like burning Magma that was going to melt him. Caleb was startled, thinking that it would be better if she really came to him for the rent... "Mrs. Hattie, my salary is about to be paid. Could you please give me one more week?" Caleb took his courage and asked cautiously. "You have no money?! Caleb, considering that you are a college student, I have already given you half a month's grace! Now you want me to give you an extr
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Two o'clock in the afternoon, outside the Knight Building, located in the most luxurious area of the city center.Caleb looked at the luxury cars parked by the roadside. The social elites coming and going were also very well-dressed.In comparison, he was like a beggar, out of tune with this place."Sorry, you can't beg here!"As soon as Caleb entered the building, he was stopped by a security guard immediately."I'm not a beggar!" Caleb explained angrily."We are also not allowed to deliver food here!"Glancing at Caleb's attire, the security guard was surprised to find that he was not a beggar but a delivery boy. He frowned but still stretched out his hand to prevent Caleb from entering the building."I'm also not here to make the delivery! I'm here to find someone!""Then do you have any appointment? Who made the appointment with you?" The security guard stared at him and asked confusedly."Jack Nat! He told me his name was Jack Nat and asked me to come to the 49th floor of this bu
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Caleb, still processing her words, found himself abruptly seized by two stern-faced security officers."Hey..." he started, only to be cut off by her command."Take this disgusting man away from here. He literally molested me!" she declared, her words slicing through the air."Don't worry, Ma'am, we'll handle it," assured the head of security. Caleb, with pleading eyes, made no attempt to resist, opting to offer a feeble defense."It was an accident..." he attempted to explain, but her scornful dismissal echoed louder."Why is this despicable man still here? Get him out of my sight!"As he was being dragged away, a booming voice pierced through the background, adding an unexpected layer of tension to the unfolding drama."What in the world is happening here, Ms. Mathews?" The CEO's voice echoed through the lobby, stunning her with the sudden arrival and firm tone."Sir, this guy came in without permission, and, um..." She stammered, beads of nervous sweat forming on her forehead as she
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The sound of basketballs echoed in the gym as two groups took up space.On one side, bathed in the harsh glow of the overhead lights, stood a mix of hopeful athletes engaged seriously in their practice session. In the background of this, a small trio was Caleb, flanked by his steadfast friends Tommy and Jake.On the opposite side of the gym, an another group led by Kenneth, were more focused on mockery than genuine engagement of the game. The female cheerleaders, including Tracy and Susan, aligned themselves with this formidable groupCoach gathered the players in a huddle, delivering a stern lecture that echoed through the gymnasium."Alright, team! Today's training session is crucial, and I expect each one of you to give it your best. Remember, teamwork is the key to success. Now, pay attention to your positions, communicate on the court, and, most importantly, stay focused!"He coach blew the whistle, signaling the start of the training session. The gymnasium erupted with the sounds
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"Let's try something more up to our standards for a change," Kenneth sneered, glancing disdainfully at Caleb."There's this new place that opened last weekend, 'The Elite,'" he announced with a wicked gleam in his eyes, deliberately emphasizing the name as if to underscore its exclusivity.Caleb, usually calm when dealing with Kenneth's taunts, suddenly felt a boost of confidence. The sleek black card in his pocket and the comfort of knowing he had 5 million in his bank account gave him an unspoken sense of power. It was the first time Caleb felt ready to stand up for himself."Sure, Kenneth, let's give 'The Elite' a try. But here's the deal—we split the bill right down the middle." His voice carried an unwavering assurance, catching Kenneth off guard.Kenneth, momentarily knocked off his high horse "Split the bill? Come on, Caleb, are you serious? Can you even cover your share?" he sneered, a hint of uncertainty flickering in his eyes.Caleb, however, responded with a subtle smile, i
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The table quieted as the dishes arrived, a tempting mix of delicious scents wafting through the air. An uncertain hush, fell over the table, everyone eyeing the extravagant spread before them. The aroma of the dishes filled the space, momentarily distracting them from the brewing tension.With a grin, Caleb declared, "Bon appétit!" and elegantly grasped his knife and fork to start on his meal. The rest eagerly followed suit.Laughter and cheerful banter gradually replaced the initial silence as they delved into the delectable fare.Yet, on one side of the table, an uneasy tension loomed. Kenneth, feeling the weight of the impending bill, nervously loosened a button on his shirt. The extravagant meal, initially a delight, now felt like a financial burden. "What's the matter?" Tracy leaned in toward Kenneth."Nothing," he replied, discreetly opening his wallet to check his cash, a flicker of concern crossing his face.Tracy noticed Kenneth's unease as he glanced inside his wallet. Th
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Caleb entered the vibrant shopping mall, the buzz of activity surrounding him. His quest was twofold: first, to bid farewell to his outdated, non-smartphone with the purchase of a new, cutting-edge device; second, a wardrobe overhaul. Determined to make a statement at Susan's birthday bash.Caleb stepped into a shop boasting the biggest brands in the mall. As he browsed, the shop assistant shot him a disdainful look."Isn't that the guy who delivers our pizza?" one of them whispered. The others looked up."Oh, yeah, it's him. Anyone order pizza?" The remark echoed through the group, met with a collective shake of heads."Hold on a minute. What's he doing here? Why's he eyeing the suits?" another assistant questioned, a hint of skepticism in their tone."I've got no idea, but let me handle this," another assistant declared, striding rudely toward Caleb, ready to intervene."What are you doing?" He asked"Hey there, I'm on the lookout for some suits. Can you guide me to the best ones?" C
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Returning to his apartment, a group of porters followed behind carrying with the newly purchased clothes. As they worked, his neighbor, the girl who had kindly paid his rent, watched the scene unfold. Guiding the porters with swift instructions, Caleb spotted his neighbor in the hallway. Flashing a sincere smile, he casually approached her."Hey there," Caleb greeted.The girl reciprocated with a smile, "Hey."Without hesitation, Caleb pulled out his wallet, handing her a wad of cash—the money she had graciously used to cover his rent."The money I owe you. I don't what I would have done, if you hadn't stepped in. You were my knight in shining armor when the rent monster attacked, and I can't thank you enough."The girl chuckled, "No problem. I actually overheard most of the conversation, and her offer was beyond disgusting."Caleb shuddered, "Lucky for me, you rescued me from her predatory gaze. I might have become her plaything otherwise. I owe you big time for that."She simply smi
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As the live broadcast's popularity waned, Caleb sensed the need for a game-changing move. Without hesitation, he unleashed a spectacle—a jaw-dropping gift in the form of a $50,000 aircraft carrier!📬 **LookingGood77:** What, Seriously. Is this for real?💥 **FashionVoyager:** This guy just took gift-giving to a whole new level! 🚁🌟 **StyleEnigma:** An aircraft carrier! Whoa!🚀 **TrendTrailblazer:** I need friends like him. All I get are virtual high-fives.💬 **GlamGuru:** Forget the carrier; can @TheKing99 gift us some too? Out of the blue, the comments started pouring in, one after another, spreading like wildfire. The live broadcast room experienced a sudden surge in popularity, as if catching fire in an instant.Emily sat there, eyes wide with astonishment, a silent gasp escaping her lips as she gazed into the camera. Tears welled up, reflecting the disbelief etched across her face. A hand instinctively found its place on her chest, feeling the rapid heartbeat that mirrored t
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