Chapter 2689 The Last Troublesome Woman

A few days passed. Neither Adelaide nor Karen took the initiative to call to clarify and resolve the confusion. They are withdrawn, afraid of making the situation worse by exchanging insults and verbal – or even physical – aggression.

With that, Helen felt encouraged to return to work, and there she was, looking beautiful and smiling at a sales stand, located in Ibrahim Square. It didn’t matter if it was hot, there was Helen Queiroz selling perfumes to those who walked around the street.

João Paulo kissed her before going to work. “Honey, when you need me, I can give you a ride home.”

“Don’t worry, dear. The company has someone who comes here to dismantle the stand.” Helen replied.

“OK. Have a good day at work. And remember what we agreed...”

“Call someone before you disappear.” Helen smiled slightly. “Again, I apologize for disappearing like that.”

“I know there are times when we feel desperate and don’t know how to act, but do you understand me, dear?” João Paulo kissed her cheek ag
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