Venus' Revenge Begins!

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Venus' Revenge Begins!

By: Titik Balik Author OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Venus, lived a harder life after her father died. All the property that should have been his right had been taken by force by his stepmother. In the will left by his father, it was said that Venus had no rights to his property, meanwhile. All the treasures fell into Eveline's hands. Knowing this, Venus suppressed it. He really wanted to fight against Eveline's actions in manipulating the will. However, Venus realized that she would not win against this cunning woman. Until finally, Venus met Mr. Frans. Her experience working as a construction worker made Venus physically strong and tough, so Mr. Frans made her his bodyguard and confidant. After working with Mr. Frans, Venus changed his name to 'Leon'. Thanks to his contribution and persistence in working, Venus eventually became widely known as 'Leon'. What will Venus' new life be like? Will he succeed in reclaiming all his father's possessions?

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42 chapters
Venus (Chapter 1)
VENUS (chapter 1)"Father!" A twenty-five year old man was running very fast, down the hospital hallway. Fifteen minutes ago, he was given the news that his father had breathed his last at the public hospital. Venus just went straight from work to the hospital which was only fifteen minutes away by public transportation. "Dad! Where is dad?!" Venus gave an intimidating look to the people standing in front of the emergency room. Their faces showed sad, tired expressions, basically showing deep sadness. Venus did not necessarily believe the news of her father's death. He hurriedly asked for an official statement from the forty-five year old man, who was his uncle. "Where is father now?! Don't try to trick me! My father is healthy, it's impossible for him to get sick and die! You must have conspired to kill him!" Venus snapped in a high pitched voice, in front of her uncle who should have been respected. The forty-five year old man remained silent, allowing Venus to express her emot
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Venus (Chapter 2)
VENUS (Chapter 2)"What did Uncle do? Why did you stop me from killing the Witch? Maybe Uncle liked the Witch, so Uncle fought me to save her!" accused Venus, smiling sarcastically, with narrowed eyes. The adult man known as Mallory immediately grabbed the monkey's clothes. His emotions flared like a volcano ready to spill its lava. Like that, Mallory hit her nephew's face blindly. "Once again you call her a witch, so don't blame me if I never think of you as my niece again!" Mallory's screams thundered throughout the room. Eveline sobbed almost out of breath due to Venus's giggling earlier. However, there was a feeling of joy when he saw Mallory defending him. "Calm yourself, Eveline. Drink this!" Kezia, her younger sister, had brought a glass of water to calm Eveline down. Eveline and Kezia were born from different mothers, but still have the same father. His mother Eveline, first wife. This status makes Kezia call Eveline her sister, even though she is five years older than Ev
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Venus (Chapter 3)
VENUS (Chapter 3)Brugh... Venus also broke down the door of her own house. The family who were still gathered there, including Mallory and Eveline, were shocked beyond words by Venus' rude arrival. Venus took her gallant steps towards Eveline there. Her eyes were swollen from crying over her husband's departure. Venus didn't care that all pairs of eyes were looking at her. He was possessed by a desire for revenge. "What do you want to do, Venus?!" intercepted an adult man in front of him. Venus, don't budge. His hand swung, sweeping, removing the man from his path. "Venus!" Mallory also muffled. Immediately he got up from his place because he was furious to see Venus again showing her prowess in front of the crowd. Before Mallory could throw a hard punch, Venus had already caught her uncle's hand, blocking the blow with one hand. His head was slightly raised, his gaze was blank and full of blind anger. Mallory swallowed a little hard when she saw Venus as if she was possessed
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Venus (Chapter 4)
VENUS (Chapter 4)Venus looked directly at Eveline, "You and your family better leave my house right now! If not, then my hands will do the talking!" Venus clenched her fists tightly, as well as threatening Eveline and her family who were present there. This is not just a threat or just a lie, but what he said is really true. Eveline didn't move. In his heart, he really wanted to avenge his stepdaughter's treatment. However, Eveline was silent. Not because they didn't dare to fight, but someone's voice had changed the atmosphere of the room to become more tense. "On what basis did you kick Mrs. Eveline out of her own house! Meanwhile, you, Venus, no longer have any rights to the late Mr. David's property!" shouted that person, which was able to make all pairs of eyes turn to him. Every step he took made his eyes hold their breath. However, this did not apply to Venus, who was caught clenching her fists and breathing heavily. "Mr. Mario," said Mallory, breaking the silence there.
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Venus (Chapter 5)
VENUS (Chapter 5)Venus has been far from home. Now he walks without any definite destination. Who knows where he should go? If he remembers, there was no one else he trusted besides Mallory. If the uncle he trusted so much didn't care or pity him, why would he go to someone else who clearly never thought he existed. Venus' steps faltered. Venus couldn't walk properly because her consciousness was starting to disappear completely. However, he tried to keep his mind clear to stay awake. Venus would have reached the highway, if she had continued walking a few more meters. There was an intention to stay at a friend's house, but Venus just remembered that she didn't have any friends, let alone best friends. "Ah, why is my life always ready? First I was kicked out of work, then the inheritance was taken by the Witch and her gang. Now they must be partying and cheering for joy. Meanwhile I... Here, alone without friends or money. They "It's fun dancing there. I'm sure they must be party
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Venus (Chapter 6)
VENUS (Chapter 6)One month later. Venus' condition is better. Very good in fact. His physique has recovered and the scars on his face and other parts of his body are starting to improve. "How are you, is there still pain?" asked a man named Frans Hadiningrat, to Venus who was busy exercising physically in the backyard of the mansion. "It's getting better, sir. My condition is better than before. Thank you because Mr. Frans wanted to help me. If Mr. Frans wasn't there at that time, who knows what my fate would be now," replied Venus, as she put down the wooden block she used to practice earlier. on the table. Frans patted Venus on the shoulder, smiled and said, "I am also grateful to you, Venus. So far I have never felt calm, but after I got to know you, my life feels more relieved and protected." Frans also invited Venus to sit in another corner of the courtyard of his mansion. Venus complied with this wish. During her stay here, Venus never once denied what Frans said. There wa
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Venus (Chapter 7)
VENUS (Chapter 7) The next day. Frans asked Venus to take him to the airport. According to the schedule, today Frans' daughter, who lives in Germany, will return to Indonesia. Therefore, Frans had been preparing since early morning. "You can drive, right?" Fran asked ensure. "Of course, I can drive, sir. While working as a construction worker, I was often invited to be a car driver and learn to drive a little bit," explained Venus. "That's good then. Today you'll just drive. We'll go to the airport to pick up my daughter who came from Germany," asked Frans without thinking anymore. Venus gaped, "Driving, to the airport? Now? But, I don't have a driver's license, sir. That would be against the rules." The statement that came out of Venus' mouth was true and it was not wrong for her to say that. However, it wouldn't be Frans Hadiningrat if he couldn't make the impossible possible. "This is your driver's license." Frans handed over an object in the shape of a card like an i
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Venus (Chapter 8)
VENUS (Chapter 8)"Daddy, who is he?" asked Arumi who looked down at the figure of the young man behind Frans. Frans turned around. He guessed what Arumi meant was Venus, "Oh, her. Daddy's new bodyguard, darling." "New bodyguard? How come I just found out? Daddy has never told me about recruiting new bodyguards before?" Arumi questioned her father's decision to hire a new bodyguard. Meanwhile, the number of bodyguards at home is not small. "Daddy only met her a month ago. You could say our meeting was very unexpected," explained Frans while pursing his lips, which he showed directly to Venus. Arumi frowned, "You've only met him for a month, why does Daddy trust him so much? Venus swallowed hard, not expecting Frans' daughter to be so talkative and alert. Arumi took her steps towards Venus who was standing straight, "Daddy didn't choose the wrong person, did he? Daddy appointed a weak man like this as a bodyguard? Just from his appearance, it's very different from the bodyguards
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Venus (Chapter 9)
VENUS (Chapter 9)"Then I'll just go. Rather than my presence making Miss Arumi uncomfortable. Besides, Mr. Frans himself asked me to stay here and work as his bodyguard?" Venus said it clearly. "Thank you Mr Frans for what you have given me. I will never forget the help you have given me," continued Venus, a little haunted by feelings of guilt. Guilty because he has not been able to repay the help Frans gave him. There are no more words that Venus can say. He immediately turned around to walk away from the place that had protected him from the rain and heat for the past month. "Venus, wait!" Frans called, but Venus didn't look back at all. He ignored the call because he didn't want to make the decision he had taken waver. Frans' face became confused. His hand stroked his forehead and then ruffled his hair. Arumi could read every movement of his body clearly. "Wait!" Arumi shouted. Venus stopped in her tracks as she was standing on the edge of the door. Frans held his breath, wh
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Venus (Chapter 10)
VENUS (Chapter 10)Arumi also held her father's hand in a romantic way. People who don't know will definitely think that Frans is with a paid woman who roams freely in a nightclub. The two immediately went downstairs. Initially, Frans invited Arumi to have breakfast first, but the girl refused and argued that she was still full. Frans did not force his will. Besides, he also drank a cup of coffee and a piece of bread before going to meet Arumi in the room. Frans really can't do without drinking coffee before doing activities. Eating rice is not mandatory, the important thing is that coffee and bread are enough for him. "Daddy, get rid of your bad habits. It's not good to drink coffee early in the morning. What's more, don't eat rice first," reminded Arumi. Frans gave a small cough, "Yes, later Daddy will change that habit, but take it slow first. Daddy can't do without drinking a cup of coffee, darling. You know Daddy has always been a fan of coffee, even when your Mommy was
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