Chapter 2696 Hold Your Horses

Melissa despairs when she sees her daughter distressed and is helped by Francisco. “Daughter! Caroline, what happened?”

“Mom, don’t worry...” Caroline chooses a table and sits down.

“How am I not going to worry...” Melissa sits down next to her, “You’re pale.”

Neilton runs to the kitchen. “I’ll bring a cup of sugarcane juice!”

“Here’s a shrimp pie.” Rodrigo serves the snack to Caroline.

Seconds later, Caroline was eating and drinking, regaining her strength. The others continued around her, waiting for explanations.

Francisco decided to be the spokesperson, “Ahem... Guys, the explanation is simple. Carol tried to reason with Felipe about the situation she found herself in, but Felipe insisted on declaring his feelings to her.”

Melissa shook her head. “Did you go alone, daughter? You shouldn’t take any chances.”

“How would I know, Mom? Felipe is my friend. Now I don’t know if such friendship should continue...”

“I don’t think it’s safe!” Neilton exclaims. “When Reuben finds out about t
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