Vengeance Pursuit

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Vengeance Pursuit

By: Vee Boy CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Adrian Donald was a college student, who was raised in an orphanage. He was lucky to get a scholarship to a college that was meant for the rich. Due to his status, he was treated like trash and his most trusted girlfriend also betrayed him. Suddenly, he got to know he wasn't just anybody but a Trillionaire's heir, who lost his parents when he was two years old. Now, he isn't going to claim his identity only but also finds the culprit that killed his parents, using an old book that was left behind by his late grandfather.

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  • mutiyatololade20


    awesome, I can't wait to see the end

    2023-10-10 02:48:08
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113 chapters
"Hey, Pauper! My girlfriend and I need to assuage our thirst, the sun is pretty much today. Come and have this five ten dollars and get us a cold americano from the school cafe, then you can use the remaining two dollars to enjoy your life" a voice uttered amid other students, motioning to Adrain to move closer."Has he launched an errand job in the school environment? If yes, I would also like to send him to get some snacks for me at the cafeteria" another added in a ridiculous tone while other students burst into laughter."Why won't he go when the two Dollars can save him from eating trash on the street" the first guy retorted.Adrain stood and couldn't mutter any statement. He faces humiliation in school every day, yet there is nothing he could do about it. He was on scholarship because of his high level of brilliance, yet he was finding it difficult to cope but what would he do? Absolute nothing! Since it's the best place to get an education and not paying a dime made it easier.
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The Huge Alert
Adrain screamed which made Matilda jerk off immediately. She was surprised and confused at the same time, hoping it wasn't Adrain that screamed her name.Adrain was watching her with a disappointed expression which made Matilda somehow uneasy. Had she known Adrain would check on her, she would not get away with Tony's love confession, to the extent of kissing in public.She kept opening her mouth like three times and couldn't think of what to say."It's not what you think, Adrain. I was only trying to help here. I was helping Tony to remove some dust on his shirt" she fabricated smoothly.The anger inside Adrian increased immediately. He may be poor but doesn't have any eye problems. He was sure of what he saw."Are you for real? Just try to listen to yourself. You told me you are sick and I'm on my way to check on you, but you are here kissing another guy and still have the gut to start lying?" Adrain ranted, making his vein come out of his forehead."You need to trust me Adrain, I w
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Welcome home, Young Master.
"Five hundred Billion dollars?" He was confused!" Could he be dreaming? Hell no!" He quickly rubbed his eye with the back of his palm. Probably the cries had affected his eyesight since it's been long since he cried.He stared around, noticing nobody was looking in his direction. He stared at the phone for the second time and it happened to be true."Could it be a mistake? Who would have made the mistake of sending such a huge amount of money to my account?" He questioned himself but could not give a response to his inquiries.After thinking for a while, he concluded by going to the police station to lodge a complaint cox If he guesses that luck was on his side and begins to spend the money, what will happen if the money is later traced to his account and he gets arrested for such an indecent act? He may not have money but won't do anything that will tarnish his image.He wanted to continue walking when his phone began to ring.He checked for the caller ID and it was an unknown numbe
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After conversing with his grandmother in the sitting room, she told him to follow her upstairs. Granny led the way while he tailed behind. With her walking stick, she was still agile.Both climbed the staircase and another route after that. Finally, they arrived at the room. Granny opened the door, gesturing to him to follow her inside. Adrain was left dumbfounded by the beauty of the room."Don't let me this is my room" he uttered in disbelief, staring at the king-size bed that was placed at the center. The room was painted white, with a few touches of blue."Don't you like the color, I'll ask them to repaint it immediately. I chose this room for you since it's the biggest in the entire building" Granny responded calmly."Oh no! I love it! It's far bigger than the entire orphanage! This is so huge" he kept smiling and wouldn't stop admiring the room.Granny walked in another direction, but still inside the room, and pressed a button. The door opened slowly, revealing what looked lik
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Arrival of the Trillionaire
He stopped a taxi and went straight to the mansion. He was appearing to be fragile till he entered inside. His granny was stunned to see him that way. He left the house not for up to two hours and entered with an injury!"Adrain! What happened to you?" She questioned with worries noticeable on her face.Instead of him to retort, he began to climb the stairs to his room."Oh my goodness! I wouldn't have allowed you to leave If I knew you were heading to the place you will get yourself sounded. All these while that I've been watching you secretly, you didn't get wounded like this'' Granny exclaimed."It's nothing Grandma, stop worrying about me, I wouldn't have known a friend from a foe if I didn't go" he responded and entered his room.Granny quickly called her doctor and ordered him to come immediately. Then, she went upstairs to check on Adrian. After fifteen minutes, a young man that appeared to be in his early forties rushed inside. He was directed to the Adrain room, where he met
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The Game
The game was scheduled to take place in an old museum that was facing financial crises and needed to auction off a few of its paintings. The highest bid for a chosen painting would be the winner while the person that couldn't afford the payment will be the loser. All to test the financial capacity, Adrian.Tony rushed back to the lecture room, he had gone to seek the school's permission for going out with the school bus."The driver is already waiting for us. So, we have to go guys" he implored his fellow students to follow him. Truly, Tony was also a son of a Billionaire and heir to a reputable company but his father doesn't support lavish spending."Adrain, it's not too late to back off. We all know you can't afford to visit a museum, talkless of participating in the auction. Don't you like how some respect was accorded to you for your decent dress today? Must you embarrass your ancestors? A fool like you doesn't know what the real game is about! Dumbass!" Rachel scolded him before
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The Spy
Adrain was shocked! The gaze on his face said it."Where could the card be?" He asked one In particular while still searching his wallet and trousers pocket."What happened young master, time is going and your painting has been packaged," the curator asked again. His mates were also glaring at him. Some have commenced their mockery laughs.At that point, Adrain knew something must be done to save his face from embarrassment."Can I have your account details? I'll like to transfer from my phone since I can't find my card. "He opted for another option since he had more than enough in his bank account."Sure" the curator responded, smiling.Adrain"s money transfer news was confirmed, which earned him some respect instantly from his fellow students. Some began to request for his friendship but he didn't waste anything to decline them all. After that, they left for school.Despite the screams and hails from the students, Adrain didn't bother to take a glimpse at the students. Instead, he r
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The Hidden Apartment
Rachel headed towards her hostel while Adrain followed behind. The hostel was located at the edge of the school and it was built purposely for her."Are you the only one living here?" Adrain asked, feeling stunned that such a thing could be happening. It was known that all students were living in the school hostel while the richest ones were staying in the white building.Seeing another self-hostel built separately for one student amazed Adrain."Yes, as you can see, I'm the only one staying here" Rachel retorted nonchalantly. She didn't care about Adrain's status, as long as she was the one to train him."Wow! Incredible! Never knew something like this existed" Adrain was in awe."Your grandmother made it possible. She has the largest share in this school, which made all of her requests possible. She knew a day like this would be coming, that's why she made the preparations ahead" She explained and opened the door.The hostel was bigger than be hostel. It was a two-bedroom apartment
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Matilda was sitting patiently, waiting for Tony to show up at the cafeteria. The news of what happened during the game of the Riches was all over the school blog. Tony had to use a face cap before he was able to leave his hostel. Yet, some people still noticed him." I can't believe he is still under his father, yet, he was ranting like he can spend more than others""I wasn't there but I heard he brought the game suggestion. Unknowingly, he only went there to embarrass himself""Shit! If he were me, I wouldn't have stayed another day in this school due to the humiliation" Those were the comments he was receiving from other students as he was passing. He was angry and clinging on his fist. If he was changed, he wouldn't hesitate to kill Adrain with the look he was wearing.Fortunately, he managed to arrive at the cafeteria without meeting those who would mock him directly to his face."Why did you come late? I've been waiting for the last thirty minutes" Matilda blasted him."Hey! Ke
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It was already the weekend time, Rohan went to the school to pick Adrain up for the weekend as promised. Rachel also followed them since they were still training. "Oh my baby is here" Grandma rejoiced, welcoming Adrain with her wide arms. "Thank you granny but I need to complain Rachel to you. She is draining my energy every day" Adrain uttered while Rachel hit his knee from the back."Ouch! Can you see that" he completely while Rachel only grinned. Rohan almost busted out laughing too, seeing Adrain's reaction."You need it darling and I hope you will learn more so that you don't fail me" Grandma retorted."Now, go and rest, we are expecting some visitors," she added.Rachel went back into another unit of the mansion, where her room was located, along with Rohan's.Adrain was glad not to have met the ladies that would offer to Bath him at the entrance of his room.He entered, relaxing on the bed but the press-up scene was still playing in his brain." I need to practice hard so tha
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