Chapter 2699 He’ll Know How to Find His Way Home

João Paulo passed through Ibrahim Square and came across Karen sweating profusely but selling perfumes at the stand that belonged to Helen.

Passers-by stopped and tried perfumes with interest.

“This one is really good, my husband loves these woody types.” A lady commented.

“Then take one!” Karen grinned, “R$60.00 and this perfume will be scenting your husband’s neck!”

The lady was convinced and took her alligator leather wallet to withdraw R$60.00.

While receiving payment, Karen saw João Pedro and part of the smile disappeared.

“Thank you very much! When you want more options, we now have our store right after Crystal Blue!” Karen pointed in the direction.

After the buyer walked away satisfied, João Paulo approached the stand.

Karen’s comforting, engaging, and vibrant voice gave way to a trembling and frightened voice, “Ehr... Mr. Queiroz...

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