Chapter 2703 The Progress of the Third Generation

At Rocha Mansion, Alan is caught off guard by his mother’s question about his in-laws.

But he decided that honesty is always the best path, “Mom, my future in-laws were curious about Angela Souza.”

“It’s because they didn’t know her like we did.” Simeon shook his head.

“How crazy. Don’t allow her to be part of your life, my son.” Melissa closed one of the suitcases. “It will only cause pain and suffering. Especially for you.”

“Why, daughter?” Dora asked.

“Her dream was always to have David as the heir.” Melissa has a fierce look. “And I feel like she would try anything to get my son out of the way, especially now that J.J. is no longer with us.”

Alan hugs Melissa. “Don’t worry, Mom. Everaldo didn’t prophesy any of this.”

“No, but he talked about you getting lost and finding your way home.” Melissa broke the hug. “Does this have anything to do with the honeymoon?”

“Sofia and I plan to spend a few days on the yacht.”

Simeon snaps his fingers. “So, is that it? You’ll get lost on the high
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