Chapter 2704 An Unnatural Dating

In Ibrahim Square, Helen passed by with Sandra and didn’t find the sales stand where she used to be.

“Mommy, where is that ugly girl who sells perfumes?” Sandra asked innocently.

Helen, however, giggled at the ‘ugly girl’. “Daughter, don’t talk like that when the girl is around.”

“OK.” Sandra nodded. “Shall we go to the store?”

Helen continued smiling, thinking that Karen had given up selling perfumes in the square with how hot it had been this summer.

Upon entering the Cardozo’s store, she and Sandra are relieved by the cool air conditioning.

Adelaide approaches them. “Do you ladies need anything?”

“I want to buy lipstick!” Sandra exclaims.

“Ha, ha, ha...” Helen strokes her adopted daughter’s hair. “Sandra, you’re still new to these things. And this elegant lady is not the saleswoman, she is the owner of the store.”

“Cool!” Sandra smiled like little girls usually do.

“Aunt Brigitte is in the back. She has cream biscuits waiting for you.” Adelaide points to the cashier.

After Sandra r
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