Chapter 2714 Thunderstorm

Melissa and Josias, along with Alfred, left for Rio de Janeiro to check their ventures more closely, just to make sure everything was okay. Good thing they now have an office there, as well as in Belo Horizonte!

Ironically, two things happened after the Rocha couple left. First, it started to rain heavily. Second, Angela tried a new approach.

At Rocha Mansion, Dora and Simeon stared at the windy rain, shaking the palm trees as if they were going to break.

“Beloved Jesus!” Dora exclaimed, “If this continues, the mansions that are closest to the sea will be affected! Will they suffer a flood?”

“If they suffer, they have money to pay for renovations, or everything is insured.” Simeon hugs her from behind, chuckling.

“Well, I also started thinking about another hypothesis.” Dora was scared by some lightning. “I hope Alan and Sofia docked at a marina in Blue Cove or Guarapari.”

“Ah, is this how they’ll be lost, as Everaldo prophesied?” Simeon joked, “Don’t worry, honey. You heard the man o
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