Legacy Of The Chaotic Heir

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Legacy Of The Chaotic Heir

By: Daniel Solomon Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Gunther lost all his sense of dignity as a poor student. Losing his parents at a really young age, he can only rely on hard work and the support of his girlfriend to push through. But is seemed as though that was too hard to ask for. His foster mother was sick, and that same day, he caught his wife cheating on him after which he was eventually fired. Thinking that his life was as down to his peak. His life faces a sudden turn as he discovered that his father was still alive and he is now the owner of the biggest company in the whole city. With this newly acquired strength, he is ready to make a wave through out the city.

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Chapter one
Gunther got onto his scooter, riding as fast as he could. He was already late for his second part-time job, knowing too well that his boss was going to be furious.His hands paddled faster, his legs going round the clock in circles making his beating hard go even faster.A few moments ahead, he could already see the building just ahead of him and a sigh of relief escaped from his mouth but he knew for sure that it wasn't over yet.But before he could get to the gate of the building, a strange force pulled him off the road, making him stumble on the road.A slight groan of pain escaped from his mouth as he stood up, his scooter all in ruins.His eyes paired up, meeting with the hateful glares of one of his colleagues, sitting in his Corolla car as his car window wounded up, revealing the hateful glares on his lips"You punk. Have you gone blind or something?" Darius's words were like daggers flung in Gunther's direction."You were the one that came after me and should be the one apolo
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Chapter two
Gunther fell back in his steps, his face all washed up in shock as the sign before him seemed unbelievable.The wall around his world seemed to crumble, words not enough to describe his utmost shock.Williams gritted his hands with so much anger as they formed into a ball."You fool. Do you realize what you have done and how much that cost?" He thundered, his face crimson with anger.But Gunther could hardly hear a word of what he was saying as he muttered once again."Ariel."Ariel was stunned to see him there as she was never informed that he was working in a hotel.Her heart was already beating hard against her chest as Williams walked gradually towards them."Do you know this piece of junk?" Williams inquired with a stiff frown hovering on his face.But she was afraid to spit out a word from her mouth. Thoughts of everything that she had planned had been blown up.Soon, his shocks melted into stalk anger as he shot a fierce stare at him.“Ariel? You are cheating on me?”"Why don't
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Chapter three
"Why don't you do it already? It's not like you have any dignity." Ariel said with a mocking glare on her face.“You should do as you have been told already. You have a sick mother in the hospital as I stabled upon by mistakes.You wouldn't want her dying because of your crazy ego right?” She shot a deadly glare towards Gunther's direction.Gunther stared at them, his face all washed up with anger staring at the both of them.Even if he did as he was requested to, he knew Williams very well and he was so cunning. Thoughts ran through his head as he pushed the security officers away from himself.He walked gradually towards Williams staring right into his face."Don't worry. It's not going to taste like your junk feet." Williams added with a dark smile on his face but Gunther only snorted, spitting on his face."I would rather lick a dog's feet than lick yours." He responded swiftly.Williams could not believe the words that he just heard as his anger spiked. The security officer trie
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Chapter four
There was confusion in his eyes as he continued to watch the strange drama that unfolded right before him.Random thoughts ran through his mind as to what could be going on.Could it be a joke that they were only trying to play games with him? What if it was all the work of the Mafia lord?Gunther was gripped with fear as he fell to the ground and bowed his head in panic."I have done nothing wrong. All I have made sure all my life is to do good and nothing other than that." There was fright in his voice as he continued to shiver.Everyone was frightened to their brain seeing what was going on before them.Their faces all broke out in cold sweat and they swiftly fell to the floor, their hearts regularly skipping beats."We are sorry young master. Please get, you are going to get all of us killed." They pleaded.And for the first time, he quickly raised his head, his eyes brightened as he went further to say."So you weren't planning to kill me?" He swiftly inquired but the shake of th
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Chapter five
His father held on tightly to him, hugging him tightly around his neck."But how were you able to find me?" He could not help it but Inquired.At the sound of the words, a slight sign escaped from the mouth of his father.A sight that proceeded a lot of suspense making the beating of his heart go much faster."I think you should sit now." His father gestured to the sofa that was lying just ahead of him.He walked gradually towards it and he sat."I'm not going to lie to you. I have always known that you are alive." He finally said.The words almost made his eyes bulge out from his eye sockets.Multiple thoughts ran through his mind. Thoughts of having a father that was at least comfortable but he had to beg on the street to leave."But why would you do such a thing? Did you hate me that much?" He inquired with tears in his eyes as he finally pulled away from his father."What could make you watch me leave in so much agony." He yelled.His father attempted to speak but Mr. Gerald Youn
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Chapter six
Gunther signed the documents and afterward, he handed them over to his father."Welcome back." His father whispered into his ears, hugging him once again.He was glad to be back, sipping in a really deep breath as he spoke. His father brought Forward a card and handed it over to him. "What's this father?" He could not help but inquire."A platinum card." He finally explained. "It's Worth ten billion dollars and it's my happy birthday gift to you." He explained mImmediately he spat out the words from his mouth, the car fell off swiftly to the floor, his heart still beating hard against his chest.He went down to the card and picked it up. The highest amount of money that he had ever held all his life was the sum of ten thousand dollars gotten as a donation for his mother's treatment.If anyone had ever told him that he was going to be holding such a large amount of money, he never would have believed."But." He was about to say but his father would not allow him to spit out even a s
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Chapter seven
Gunther's hands were clenched, surging swiftly towards her as he held tightly to her scrub."How dare you throw my mother away as though she is some piece of trash?" He fired under his breath.If there was anything to him. Be could take it but treating his mother who raised him as though she was nothing, was something that he could not bear.His hands were clenched with anger and his teeth gritted as he continued to stare right into her eyes.For the first time since they met, Jenifer was scared of Gunther as she never thought he could be this aggressive."Why am I even afraid? He is in the hospital and this place is more like my territory. There is absolutely nothing that he can do to me." She muttered under his breath with a frown.Jennifer pulled Gunther off from her body swiftly, bracing herself up."You can't do anything to me, Gunther. Or whatever it is that you are called. Go get your trash off from the corridor.""Call my mother trash again and I am going to make sure that yo
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Chapter eight
At the sound of what he just said, Doctor Joy frowned and Jennifer turned around towards her."Were you even listening to a word of what I have been saying?" Joy inquired with a stale stare on her face.But before Gunther could get the chance to answer the question that had been flung towards his direction, Jennifer chimed in."I told you that his mother's ailment has gotten deep into his head. What he needs now is a psychiatric hospital and nothing other than that."Gunther frowned at her, going ahead to say. "I think you are the one that needs it more. At least if it's going to help out with this bad manners of yours." Gunther replied with an emotionless expression on his face, returning his gaze to the doctor."Now tell me, what's the price of this VVIP section?" He inquired swiftly.Even though the doctor was fed up and wanted to give up, she was able to contain it as it was one of her qualifications as a doctor and she went ahead to say."A hundred million Dollars." She shook he
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Chapter nine
Jennifer, the nurse, couldn't believe what just happened. The doctor, Joy, was also taken aback but unfortunately faced a dilemma: should she stand by her bet and become a cleaner, or would she find another way out? Gunther stood anxiously by the door as the medical team carefully transferred his mother into the exclusive VVIP section. The room exuded an air of opulence, a stark contrast to the dilapidated state in which Gunther had found his mother. The medical professionals, now treating her with the utmost care, began their thorough examination. Dr. Joy, although conflicted, had a responsibility to her patient, and her professionalism overcame her internal struggles, pride and ego. She took the lead in coordinating the initial assessment, discussing the medical history with Gunther and gathering crucial information about his mother's condition. Gunther, still overwhelmed by the recent turn of events, couldn't help but feel a mix of hope and anxiety. His mother, frail and vuln
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Chapter ten
Gunther's rage was like a storm that only got louder. As he confronted Jennifer”. His hands moved swiftly, delivering sharp slaps as he couldn't contain his anger at her deceitful actions. Each slap echoed the betrayal he felt, leaving Jennifer stunned. "I'll think about what to do to you," Gunther declared, his voice laced with a menacing tone. With that, he turned on his heels and stormed out of the hospital, leaving Jennifer with both physical and emotional wounds. At the same time, Dr. Joy hurried after him, eager to calm the growing problem. "Gunther, please, let's talk about this," she pleaded, her concern evident in her eyes. She tried to reason with him, urging him to reconsider the repercussions of his actions. Despite her efforts, Gunther remained silent, his mind fixed on the mistreatment his mother had endured, due to his past finance. He couldn't allow such injustice to prevail. In the heat of the moment, he made a swift exit from the hospital, leaving behind a
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