Chapter 2752 Teresa Has A Deduction

In Beto’s apartment, dinner was over.

Rosemary began to collect the used plates. “Mom, the pasta with grated cheese and original tomato sauce was delicious. Could you teach me?”

“Of course, my dear,” Teresa replied smiling.

Beto, however, still hasn’t forgotten the hard gaze that Teresa gave him hours ago.

Teresa then decided, “Honey, let me wash the dishes.”

Pedro stood up, “Well, I’m going to watch TV. There must be some cool music videos playing!”

“I’m coming with you, big bro!” Maycon also stood up.

“Pete, be careful with the music videos airing at this time of night, huh!” Teresa warns him.

As it gets later, the channel showing music videos tends to be more daring.

“Yes, Mom,” Pedro remembered something, “Ah! Dad, remember I told you I met a beauty at Alan’s wedding? Can you believe that I met her again by pure coincidence today at Café Montanha?”

Beto smiles excitedly. “That’s great, son! Who is she?”

“Daniela. She didn’t tell me her last name, indicating that she wanted to be m
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