Chapter 2751 Turkish Soap Heartthrob

Karen was crying profusely as she gathered her clothes in the master suite of the Mountain Penthouse.

Felipe appeared and smiled victoriously when he saw Kelvin’s lover’s defeat. “That’s what happens to bad girls. They’re punished, one way or another.”

“SHUT UP!” Karen threw the hairdryer at Felipe.

Felipe ducked and the hairdryer fell to the floor in the hallway, shattering. “What terrible aim you have. On top of that, you just lost a household appliance. You idiot, how are you going to dry your hair?”

“With your tongue!” Karen screams in pure hatred.

“My tongue would make your hair wetter!” Felipe can’t stand it and bursts into laughter, “Karen Britton, you forget that a human being uses his brain to reason and be above animals.”

“And who said I don’t use my brain?” Karen shrugs.

“No. You think with your vag—”

“STOP BEING GROSS, DAMN IT!” Karen stomps like she’s a tantrum little girl.

“Your emotional intelligence is that of a five-year-old child.” Felipe tsks with his tongue, “Altho
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