Chapter 2766 Don’t Expose Yourself Indecently

Rocha Hotel, Jane’s office.

Alan was working intently, typing something into the computer. Around the computer, printed sheets of various reports were abundant on the desk.

The door opened, and David entered fearfully. “Alan, did you call me?”

“Sit down, David.” Alan pointed to a chair previously positioned on the other side of the desk.

David sat, expecting reprimands. “What happened?”

“I received an email from Lauro Medeiros informing me that you’re unable to carry out the tasks of a bellboy.” Alan didn’t take his eyes off the computer.

David gets angry about this. “Can we at least talk face to face?”

Alan stops typing and looks at his half-brother indifferently. “Don’t take it personally.”

David did exactly the opposite, “Oh, of course! You’ll now take advantage of your position as a boss to oppress me.” He chuckles derisively, “You know, I shouldn’t even be surprised. Why would it be any different?”

“Not all brothers in the world have the same story as us, David,” Alan replied.

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