Chapter 2795 Felipe Needs to Wake Up

At Café Montanha, Caroline and Reuben were talking to each other about the repercussions of their engagement. They were at the table with Maggie on the other side.

“Oh, what a shame I couldn’t send anyone from Maggiezine in time... but the wedding will be spectacular, do you agree with me?”

“Yes, Maggie.” Reuben smiles eagerly, “We’ll send the photos we took for you to publish in the next issue of Maggiezine.”

“It would be great.” Maggie nodded, “Tell me, guys, how do you feel? Carol, you were worried about your grandparents’ safety.”

“Exactly.” Caroline smiles with relief, “I wanted a simple and hasty engagement, but my father decided on a more elaborate dinner so that this event wouldn’t go unnoticed.”

“And he made it a surprise, arranging with the people at Crystal Blue.” Reuben joked, “I guess Cousin Melissa thought he was collecting concubines again.”

“I’m not going to lie, she was suspicious.” Caroline giggles.

“Perfect. I’ll include all of this in the article. I look forward to
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