Chapter 2814 The 2008 Interview

In the Teodoro Building, Pedro was talking to Theodore who was visiting the building after so many years. He admired the portrait of his ‘grandfather’ pinned to the wall.

Pedro was a little embarrassed. “Little Theo, I wonder if you know the meaning of this.”

Theodore smiled at Pedro. “My father explained the story to me. I was thought to be the son of Mr. Reis, that’s why I was named Theodore.”

Pedro nods, but he knows it isn’t quite like that. Pamela knew that Theodore was not Beto’s son, but she had the nerve to name her son after her father-in-law anyway, out of sheer impudence.

“Still, we consider you part of the family.” Pedro states, “We’re brothers. You also need to get along with Rosemary and Caio. Were you invited to her engagement party?”

“Yes, I was,” Theodore confirmed.

Beto appeared and was startled by Theodore’s presence. “Ah... Little Theo, I never thought you’d want to visit us!”

“Hello, Mr. Reis.” Theodore smiled respectfully.

“I was explaining some things, Dad.” Ped
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