Chapter 2835 Not Having the Guts to Open Your Mouth

At Crystal Blue, Josias has lunch with Beto and they talk about current issues.

A surprised Josias took two sips of wine to digest the latest news. “Really? You, Rosemary’s father, allowed your princess to move into the quarters of the new man in her life?”

Beto smiles satisfied, “I’m glad I didn’t have a heart attack like my father when Vera announced that she would remain married to Wallace even after he tried to r*pe her on their honeymoon.”

Josias shook his head. “That was different, Beto. Vera was very foolish to have said that, which in the end, wasn’t even true. I imagine that she regrets to this day having caused your father’s death.”

Beto nods, “Yes, you’re right. Anyway, my father always wanted better things for Vera.”

“He shouldn’t have come up with that plan that complicated everything. I think the only good thing that came out of it was that you and Pamela had Rosemary.”

Beto suddenly started cutting his filet mignon with extra strength. Josias still doesn’t know the trut
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