Chapter 2834 New Venture for 2008

Josias was surprised by Reuben’s reaction when he asked the question.

“Reuben, what happened?”

“Uncle Josias, I’d better not answer that question.” Reuben gulped.

“Why not? Am I intruding on the couple’s privacy?” Josias smiles understandingly.

“That’s almost it. You already have enough problems.” Reuben smiles nervously.

“OK, I won’t insist. But you know you can count on me for anything, huh?” Josias looks at the door, “Looks like they’re coming.”

The conference room door opens. Alfred, Caio, and the new director of the finance department entered and greeted each other.

“Good morning, gentlemen.” Josias positioned himself in his chair, “Reuben, our secretary, will take note of this meeting. No word to the press for now.”

“Yes, Mr. Rocha,” replied the other director.

“From today onwards, consider the start of our next venture. I talked to my wife, and she accepted the idea of having a party and ceremony hall to rent to anyone who wants to throw their parties.”

The announcement impacte
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