112. “Where are we going?" Macy asked as she sat on the gunshot seat of Richard's convertible.

After ehe brunch, she had refused to go out but Richard had promised her that it was okay.

He was with her and all was going to be well.

“What about your workers? I…” Macy had expressed her doubts and insecurity but Richard was there and didn't even let him finish.

“Macy?" He had called her and she looked at him, “do you trust me?" He asked her.

“Yes, of course I do," she said and he smiled at her.

“Then let's go," he had said simply and she had let him lead her.

When they were at the door, he looked back at her, took her hand, smiled and opened the door.

Once they were outside, Macy felt like running back to the office but that hold Richard had on her hand made her feel secure and she concentrated on that and followed him.

Macy didn't look at anyone but if she had, she would have seen the amazement in the eyes of the two secretaries that were in the executive floor.

The guards, as usual, ke
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