111. Macy woke up naturally much later in the day.

She smelled the room even without opening her eyes and smiled as she stretched herself.

“Smells like an expensive room," she said and then remembered where she was.

She then opened her eyes and looked around but thankfully, she was all alone.

At the bedside table, there was a stick on note:

In the office just right outside the door.

Call or come if you need anything.

There are clothes in the bathroom and good is waiting for you.


Your husband.

Macy smiled and read and re-read the note. She then hugged it in her hand wondering how she could be this lucky.

“Maybe all my differing were preparing me for this," She thought and then yawned.

Her brain wanted her to go back to sleep but she knew better than.

She took her phone that was at the table and checked the time. It was twenty three minutes past eleven and she gawked at the phone wondering if it was working fine.

She could never remember the last day she slept in for so long.

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