I'm on my way to Livádia, I've been traveling with Berin by my side since the night we met Gastrus. He insists we travel by foot so we do not attract the eyes of the dwellers of the east or the witches and their instruments.

We have exhausted a morning and a night after the night we met Gastrus, and it is morning now.

We hope to get to Livádia before the dwellers of the east reaches them. Berin has tied a rope to the bag holding the Callibra and he hangs it over his neck. It has been a journey through seas and oceans, lands, mountain and forests.

“I believe we are near,” Berin shouts to me as I stop to drink from my jar.


I roll out of my bed, tired. I spent last night sitting by Nika’s door hoping the spell would wear off a bit to give me a chance to speak to Nika, but instead I found out that the spell has being enhanced even more than it was earlier. Last night, I couldn't even see her through the boundary clearly, I could only see her in a blur.

I slip my
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