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The story of Isaias, a young man who rises from captivity to power when he encounters the root of all magic, a stone called Callibra, popularly known as the Cursed Eye of Arak.

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Those who possessed such great powers given to them by nature itself, the witches of Ivádia.Ivádia was one of the four regions of the world where humans could survive. The other three regions were Landiá, Vocí and Piliá.Only about a hundred women from Ivádia were blessed with these powers. This tribe of witches is mainly called "the daughters of nature", because since the beginning of time they could only give birth to female, so no man ever emerged from this gender.Originally, these powers were used to heal others.Over time, they realized how deeply ingrained their powers were. They realized that they could do more with their powers than save lives. They saw how much people without powers depended on them, and they thought highly of themselves.The rule of the witches crept out of Ivádia and spread across all four regions, dominating and enslaving others.People without this gift were called Mandrins, a name given to them by the witches, meaning powerless. Mandrins were generally
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The sun shone over their weary heads, bringing beads of sweat to their foreheads as they crossed the bridge of Ivádia. Not even the smallest young man is spared, neither women nor children. Everyone had his share of the work so long they were Mandrins. The hot, coarse grains of sand that had basked in the intense light of the sun were like hot coals from a furnace to their bare feet. Only the wind from the west gave them hope that the moon would soon defeat the sun and reclaim the sky. Isaias looked up at the sky, and the fading sunlight consumed his face and left him with no sight. He took a deep breath, and before he could think to pause, he heard a strong female voice behind him shout, "Go on, you fool!" He was startled by the trembling voice of the old witch who watched over all the mandrins crossing the bridge.He glanced at her face, and the grim expression on it made him move on against his will. His knee was almost to the point of collapsing. He had travelled such a long dis
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"Where. . . Where did you get that?" She stammered, visibly confused by what she was seeing."My father found it," Isaias said, and she became even more curious."You should not be in possession of such a thing. Take whatever you find to the castle and maybe you'll be rewarded. I'll take care of it," she said as she moved toward Isaias, trying to get to the gem as quickly as possible."No! Do not... Do not touch it? He found it," Isaias said, and she giggled. "Look around, you are not in a position to tell me what to do. I'll take it to my sisters and we will decide what to do with it," she said.She moved forward. Somehow she was careful with her movements. It was more like she could not just walk up, take it and go. Her facial expression revealed that she was not aware of the consequences of touching it. "So it exists, our sisters will be proud of us for finding it," she said to the younger girl."You did not find it, my father did," Isaias shouted, and she ignored him."Take it!"
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The young woman in the maroon robe strode through the dimly lit corridor on the second floor of the castle. "Nika, sister," Amaia called to her from the doorway, just before she could take the turn that would lead her to her room. "Yes! Amaia, do you have news about my mother yet?" she asked, turning to speak to Amaia."I am afraid not, sister, your mother has asked for the cloak to be cast. The creatures, I hate to say it... but one of them is still out there and so we can not look for her," she said to Nika and she remained silent. She had last seen her mother at noon and since Lucia had come with a report about the Callibra and the Mandrins that had found it, she had not seen her again. She knew she was out there, somewhere, but she could not tell if she was all right."Where are the rest of them?" asked Nika, breaking the silence. She wanted to know where the other dragons had gone, because Amaia had confirmed to her that there was only one dragon out there. "I think they are
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TOWER OF IVÁDIANika immediately got up from the chair when she saw her mother's reflection and tried to embrace her, but she backed away."Mother, you scared me. Where have you been all this time? We were all waiting for you," she said to her and she did not say a word. She looked down at Isidora's face and her eyes met the blood stains on her chest from the puncture in her neck. She covered her mouth with both hands and tears rolled down her eyes."Mother, what happened to you?" She could only speak through her tears. She tried to reach for her hand and she moved backward again. "No, no, mother, you are dead, you died out there!" she screamed loudly and Amaia ran into the room after hearing her scream. "Sister Isidora!" said Amaia. Stunned, she does not let herself say another word. "Mother, talk to me!" She shouted and Isidora smiled."I will not be here too much longer, I am hanging on so I can pass my spirit on to you. Find me!" She said as she walked towards them and disappe
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It was indeed a long night, but they were no longer humans. They no longer needed to light torches to go to a place as dark as this. Even though the moon was no longer visible in the sky, their eyes were now like natural torches that never burn out. They emitted green light, just like the gem Isaias held between his hind claws. The gem that the witches called "CALLIBRA". They could see the caves ahead of them. They were close and knew they would soon reach it. The closer they got to the cave, the more echoes they created with their wing beats. In the middle of the caves they descended and the sand under their wings pulled apart as the winds caught under their descending wings pushed them away. "Behold, the caves of Eflie," Dalmatius said, and silence flooded their midst as they tried to explore the caves and see if they were indeed safe. "We should go see them! We can not swear they have been empty all these years, because no one's been here in decades," Atticus suggested. There
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CASTLE OF VOCÍTamara was standing at the window in her mother's room. Far off, deep in the night clouds her eyes caught a pigeon...moving so fast through the clouds in a way that made her conclude it was amplified by magic. "A messenger is approaching the tower," she said to her mother, who was sitting on her bed, studying a spell from the book that lay on her palms."A messenger?" She seemed as shocked as Tamara. She walked up to her and sat down next to her. "Do you think something might have gone wrong in Ivádia?" said Tamara anxiously. They had not seen a messenger from Ivádia in the last 365 days."Ivádia?" "Yes, Mother, Ivádia." "We have not heard from them in 365 days, could something be wrong?" said Grindila to her daughter. "Go. Daughter, tell our sisters to gather in the message room and wait for me," Grindila instructed her and she left the room.She walked out of the room and went straight to the bell. She struck it three times and heard the footsteps of her sisters
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CAVES OF EFLIE They all were outside, roaming in the midst of the cave - confused, and thinking about what had just happened. They had just lost Amyas —A man who Dalmatius considered a friend; he was his only friend. Isaias, his son, was sitting in a cave grieving over him at the moment. “We need answers! How long are we going to wait for him to stop behaving like a child?” Dominick said furiously and his eyes glare green. He was becoming impatient. He needed answers. How and why were they still locked in their dragon forms when Isaias and his father had shifted back to their human forms? “Yes! I think Dominick is right! We've all lost parents before. Some of us weren't even privileged to know our fathers. Why is he keeping us in the dark?” Catullus said, backing up Dominick's point. “Shut up, both of you!” Dalmatius yelled at them as he threw himself into the air and maintained a balance with the continuous flapping of his wings. “Have some sympathy! Have you completely lost y
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TOWER OF IVÁDIA Nika was sitting on her bed —weeping, as images of her mother giving up her last breath, and Amaia losing her life to save hers, came back to her in fractions. The door creaked and flung open. “Messengers from Piliá, Vocí, and Landiá, just arrived —confirming receipt,” Althea said with a heavy heart as she walked into her room. She could see that Nika had also been crying. “Thank you sister,” Nika replied, and she turned towards the door —Intending to step out of the room. “Wait! Althea, I'm sorry. I know everyone is grieving tonight because of my mistake. I should have listened to you. I also should have listened to Amaia. You tried to stop me, but the rage inside of me didn't let me think straight,” Nika said to her and she was still facing the door —finding it hard to just forget about the mistake Nika made. “Now, look at what it led to. I was blinded by the rage —the thought of my mother being killed by those monsters, and instead of avenging her death, I lost
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CAVES OF EFLIE Isaias woke up to see himself laying in the cave, just like he slept off last night. He looked above his head and saw the Callibra —shining as bright as the first time they found it. He sat up and he could feel his entire body ache. He was having a difficult time telling which one's better —sleeping in the dirty Mandrin quarters, or sleeping on the hard, sharp sands of the cave. He got up to his feet and stretched a little. He yawned a couple of times as he walked out of his cave. “My first morning outside the mandrin quarters, and not forced to work,” He muttered. He walked into the cave next to his, which he believed Elvio slept in. “Elvio?” He whispered in shock of what he saw before him; Elvio was human again. He was lying naked in the cave. “Elvio, You... You're—” Elvio woke up and turned to him. He had no idea what was actually happening. He had just gained consciousness. “Iasias? Why are you up so early?” He asked, and Isaias’ mouth was still wide open.
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