Reviving the true power of the sky man

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Reviving the true power of the sky man

By: Abd el-nasser OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The earth and the sky are stained with blood, and souls are taken relentlessly A great war broke out between elves and humans Who is the reason and who will have the end hand, and will this be the end of the war or the calm before the storm?

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The beginning
Reviving the true power of the sky manChapter one the beginning300 years ago. It all started when the elves of the underworld and a human started a quarrel and the human was killed in this incident after that the planet did not know the meaning of the word calm - filling with ammunition Bomb launching, suicide attacks, countless deaths between the two sides.What is this? And why? Isn't it just human? But he was not Bushra, he was the son of one of the feudal lords. But this battle did not take any form of calmAnd it did not stop there, as the two sides used forces from outside the land. Either side recruited fallen angels and the death toll was increasing. This battle lasted more than five years until a man came outHe does not know his nationality. Appears in the middle of the square. Suddenly the strong and the weak feel a terrifying state of force heading towards him. A word from him silenced everyone and comforted them, and another word made their hearts soft, and everyone st
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Biography - Frankenstein) Journey to take the title to Hermes
Biography - Frankenstein) Journey to take the title to Hermes. How do I call the name Hermes the Chief?This is what you should think about in the beginning, how did you go through hardships to take it and how to deal and get rid of foolsin the beginningI was called the messenger, as my mission was to deliver messages between the leaders in heaven to theseHumans---At first I thought the leaders made me because they were bored or something, but then they started giving me orders and the mission of delivering messages became like a permanent one where humans couldn't kill.I remember a man once tried to kill me with what's called a nuclear bomb, but they didn't realize that I could rebuild a soul, but then the renewal was more difficult than the other times they tried to kill me. I think what they call that nuclear nuclearAnd every time I go without anyone seeing meThey thought that I was only a puppet whose mission was to send messages, and the men of heaven would not care
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Who the world
take over the world ? At first I thought he was joking, but he didn't show any emotion.Make the situation confused. But after thinking about it, is that really what the Heavenly Men wanted from that war to put the war at its climax and then startIn spreading peace as if nothing had happened, then cheering the achievements of the men of heaven as if they wereSave the world from immemorial danger.But in view of the experiences that were being conducted on us.. and the messages that I was sending to mankindBut I believe that there are those who are also sent to the elves,After thinking about it, it looks like somethingControlling human men and elves is part of their plansThen, moments later, he didn't shrinkHe looked at me and said, "We already started to control them. We put cameras in the streets in people, but it was a little difficult to put the cameras on."Among the ranks of the elves. As humans weaken when they find little money.and then after1 Exhale and breathe in:He
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What should we do
Open the lid that had something bloated insideA little in the middle.The cover was slowly lifted by the fifteenth elder as a man appeared to be in his thirtiesThe thirties are considered a stage of life in middle age for humans, their age was not more than ninety years - only rarely can a human live a hundred yearsUnlike the elves, their ages ranged between four hundred and five hundred. Their lives are long for humans.. They do not consider death as paramount as humans. Just imagine yourself living a life that someone else sees as a life equivalent to five. six times to humenYour wisdom will increase with age, your knowledge will improve with time. You can see your great-grandchildren while you are still young.This age is like bliss for any human being, as for the men of heaven, it was in the highest orderhierarchical. I think that some of them are up to nine hundred years old, and some may even exceed a thousand years. This was a very imaginary age for a weak human being.A t
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Ok ?
'I've never done a person's face augmentation before" He said after he said strange things about cosmetics It is true that no one will pay billions of silver coins to enlarge his face, it is still unreasonable of course but why do the rooms look like they are empty It's also very dark, only with a dim white lamp on, you won't see yourself well - even if you have good eyes, unless you use high-quality night-vision cameras or have a superpower.After thinking about his question first: I told him, "What are these rooms?" I said it with a calm tone, and as if I was ready to ask him, he looked at me with a calm look while half closed his eyes. . Then he opened his eyes and made it so wide that it was about to explodecontinued"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha laughed a lot and said I was waiting for you to ask anyway, but you were late in asking. Well, my friend, these rooms are our private rooms," he said, laughing like a little kid who got what he wanted. But this
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What's the technology
A woman as white as snow white, green eyes and a strong figure, two tall, thin men, her skin like jade in the mountainsLong black hair, a red dress shining under the dim white lightShe started moving towards me, step by step, until I arrived and started talking from her mouth, which looked like a small ring"My mission will start from here," she said.Well.. her mission is the scientist of nanotechnology inside my bodyShe continued, looking at my face"The technical and professional doctor of nanotechnology inside your body has gone to a meeting so I'm here to take his place"Well.. I don't care about those little details the most important thing is to get out of here as soon as possible and look for the link of freedom and justice abroadI let out a short exhale and continued"You will follow me from here."She said that and then moved forward to the elevatorWe went down to the first floor and opened the elevatorThe room gradually began to appearLots of screens appeared that fi
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