The End.

As Arin fell down a laugh echoes through the forest, it was Liora she was laughing like a crazy person she started to shout, " That's what you get you bas**d for killing my grandfather. "

Saren lost his control and threw a knife at Liora, that knife pierced through her head and killed her on the spot.

After that all three of them Saren, ahan and sena rushed towards Arin side and kicked Tera away from him.

The bullet Tera shot was still stuck inside arin's chest, sena lost his reasoning and started to beat the shit out if her.

Tomar intervined but he couldn't do anything due to the sheer strength of sena, saren told ahan that they need to remove the bullet quickly or else Arin will die.

Ahan - But how? How can we remove the bullet in these environment?

Saren - Ahan use your ghost hand that you copied from Ethan I'm sure that it can help us.

As Ahan hesitated, Saren's urgency drove him to action. With a determined nod, Ahan summoned his ghost hand, a spectral appendage mirroring
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