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By: Sam Reuel OngoingFantasy

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In programming, it is known as a bug. In astronomy, it is referred to as dark matter. It is simply an unprecedented occurrence, something that shouldn't exist but does. Maxwell was precisely such an anomaly in his world, a mistake of the Gods. A mistake that had the potential to erase them. And what do you do with a mistake? You erase it. The Gods decide to erase Maxwell, but as an intelligent life form, will he allow it? Let's follow Maxwell on his journey as he fights against the world for what it has done to him and what it intends to do.

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In a grand palace hall, a baby lay barely breathing, struggling to inhale amidst the thick smoke that filled the room. The beautiful luxurious palace was now bloody, with thorn limbs and guts decorating the once glamorous hall. Amidst all this, the baby was somehow left unscathed. The perpetrators fought with each other over who was to sit on the throne unaware of the baby's presence. Amidst the chaos caused by their babbling, a lone soldier who was barely clinging to life made his way to the baby. One might call it luck, divine intervention, or even fate, but what was, was that the unknown soldier was able to grab the baby and take him out of the palace.Dark smoke rose, swaying to the tunes sung by the flames from whence it emerged. Outside the palace resembled a descent into hell, with demonic beasts prowling the area, for food whether it being the living or the deceased. Their movements were so natural that one could mistake this place for their abode.Every great kingdom is a l
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The boy did not wake even after three days. He seemed to have found peace in his slumber. One cannot always hide from reality, reality is a b*tch and will always be so. Sleep could not save him, his body and mind which had been exhausted had now recovered. The eyes that had been closed now opened, and slowly adjusted to the light of his surroundings. He looked around hoping the nightmare he had experienced would be as it sounded, just a nightmare. But as said earlier, reality is one hell of a b*tch and will not bend even for this three-year-old boy. He noticed his new environment and knew that what had happened was indeed realHe sat up on the soft bed he found himself on, it was softer than what he was used to. But the boy was so sad that he did not notice the nature of what he sat on. He hugged his legs tightly, tears flowing freely. It's a universal response to weep when in pain, regardless of the world in which you find yourself.After what felt like an eternity, he heard footste
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The demonic beasts had entered the temple unbeknownst to its residents. The number of casualties was minimal for the temple had measures against such tragedies. It seemed this was not the first such a thing had happened but they did not expect it so quickly.The temple was left abandoned with no one in sight, one disintegrated in glowing white dust as soon as the light of their eyes faded, a precaution by the temple to prevent the unknown." He was surely here, I will never mistake his smell," a wolf-like demonic beast said as it made sniffing sounds. It looked more like a werewolf than an actual wolf. Standing tall on its hind legs it ordered its companions to search the vicinity making sure no stone was left unturned.********" That dammed witch, she got us again" voices echoed in a seemingly empty room. The room was dark with the only light being a pair of bright, fiery red eyes.*********Maxwell had completely integrated into his new environment. It had been a month since he jo
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Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop... sounds of horse galloping sounded as they threshed the road that led to the capital. The journey was two days long and the first day had come to an end thus they set up camp in a clear site they found nearby. The strong-looking men stood guard while the sisters prepared food and shared it with everyone present.They were not necessarily in the wild and thus the smell of the food would not attract the wild animals or demonic beasts. The roads were not frequently used nonetheless most of the beasts around it had been driven into the deeper parts of the forest.The wind sang and the trees danced swaying their branches and leaves to its rhythm.The unsuspecting victims lay down, resting their tired necks after a long journey, necks that seemed scrumptious to the beasts that hid in the bushes ready to attack. Grey-furred wolves and ware bats stood in wait, patiently waiting for the right moment to strike. The moon hung high as sounds of soft rhythmic bre
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The sisters stayed up the rest of the night, disposing of the bodies of the slain demonic beasts. Unlike humans, whose souls are sent into the cycle of reincarnation, demonic beast corpses naturally decay and return to the earth.The sisters then collected the bodies of the fallen men, and using the symbol of the god of death and reincarnation, they initiated the process to send their souls into the cycle of reincarnation."The sun peered over the horizon, filling the earth with its radiance. The sisters, who had stayed up all night, looked radiant. They did not have the vibe of someone who had stayed up all night or fought a horde of monsters." Theresa, go and wake the children, I will prepare the meals", Ruth said as she walked towards the forest.Theresa nodded as she made her way towards the kids' tent. " Oh mother of all, let your children rise as the sun rises," Theresa said a prayer to cancel the spell Ruth had placed on the kids.It was not a must that prayer needed to be s
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A cold aura emanated from his body as the guards collapsed, foaming at the mouths.Theresa dropped to her knees, her breathing heavy. Ruth glanced at Maxwell, a cold sweat breaking out on her." Put the stone away" Ruth shouted as she reached out for it.Estel was puzzled as to why they were overreacting. She closed her hand, the hand that held the pebble and placed it in her pocket.The stone had reacted to Maxwell exploding his nonexistent aura to that of a cold and domineering one.Maxwell turned his head, looking furiously at Ruth, who had been barely hanging on, and fell to her knees when her gaze met his." Maxy, that's enough", Estel said as she grabbed Maxwell's hands affectionately.She had become aware of what was happening. It seemed Maxwell's aura was too much for them to handle.Maxwell's gaze softened as the invisible pressure disappeared. Ruth's body fell, as she breathed heavily trying to recover whatever little strength she still had left." It seems you have grown s
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Maxwell had sat up on his bed with tears dripping down his cheeks. A memory, a memory he had forgotten resurfaced. The memory of that night, a night of horror played back like a movie in his mind. He teared up as he recalled those moments.Ruth's tense nerves relaxed as she saw the boy crying. She approached him, offering a warm embrace while gently stroking his head."Let it out, I'm here for you; you can cry as much as you want to," she spoke in a soothing tone.Despite not knowing the reason for the boy's tears, her motherly instincts took over as she held him close, providing comfort.Maxwell felt a comforting warmth enveloping him as he sniffled and returned the hug."He is just a child; what happened to make him cry like that... It doesn't matter what happened or what he is; a child is a child," she thought to herself as she hugged him tighter. They remained in that comforting embrace for a couple of minutes."Sister Ruth, thank you. I am okay now," Maxwell said, his voice hoars
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Michael's body fell, blood gushing uncontrollably from his chest. Maxwell, who had just arrived to witness this, stood motionless. He couldn't move, not out of fear of the beast before him not panicked by the death of his best friend but due to anger and frustration. " Why...why won't you leave me alone" Maxwell muttered under his breath his body slightly shaking from anger.His blue eyes flickered between shades of purple and red. The air around him churned violently as he glared at the demon before him.Noticing the changes around, the demon turned its head, its gaze meeting Maxwell's blood-red eyes. The demon flinched instinctively, stepping back in fear. 'No, I must kill you; then, my brothers will love me,' it roared as it ran toward Maxwell. The turbulent air around Maxwell struck it, sending it hurtling into the trees in its path. It was pushed several meters from the scene, finally stopping as it hit a tree, halting its momentum.Maxwell moved a step forward vanishing from
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