Connecting With Infinity

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Connecting With Infinity

By: Lord_Ryzel CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Do you believe in ghosts, spirits and other supernatural entities? Do you know that such things revolves around the world? This story focused on our main character Arin, He is just a normal teenager we see around us. But one day he got something that changed his entire life, now there is some unknown eyes watching him Are they hostile towards him? If they are hostile who will help him?

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  • Alova


    include more fight scenes to the story. just my opinion.

    2023-06-27 14:24:39
  • Lord_Ryzel


    Hello author here. I know there are a lot of mistakes in my work, i will try my best to improve. I hope you all enjoy my work ......

    2023-05-23 20:17:30
  • Adarsh Chandran


    Amazing idea. keep up the good work

    2023-05-16 21:13:06
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120 chapters
Do you know that you can buy happiness?How?Just spend money on something that you really love, in that way you're spending money and buying happiness."But I don't know where to spend it."Don't worry, you can spend money in this live stream by giving me some balloons and gifts... Sera, the popular idol on "V Screen," said that to her viewers. (V Screen is a popular app used by millions of users.)Arin stared at sera's donations and viewers. He could see her cheerful face while talking and also her well-organized room in the background. After that, he looked at his own face on his broken phone, where he could see the dark circles around his eyes. His uncut hair covered the left side of his face.After looking at himself, he looked around his room, which was covered in junk food boxes and soft drink bottles. Sigh, he sighed and closed Cera's live stream, then looked at his own V Screen channel. There were only five subscribers to his channel. Three of those were his parents and littl
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Arin fell down. His eyes rolled up, and there was a slight burnt smell of rubber in the air. He was only wearing a towel, and water vapor was coming out of his body. After a few hours, his consciousness returned, and he rubbed his forehead before slowly getting up from the floor. He felt like his head was spinning."What happened? Did I get electrocuted? Yes, I did get electrocuted," he said to himself, looking at his phone. The phone charger was completely burnt."Please... Please don't let anything happen to my phone," he prayed as he picked up the phone. His hands started shaking as he pressed the power button. "WELCOME" flashed on the screen, and Arin breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank God, nothing happened to my phone."After the phone turned on, there was a flickering on the display for a split second, but Arin didn't notice it. He checked the phone's missed call section and called his mom.ring... ring... ring... ring... ring... ringMother: Hello, Arin?Arin: Hello, Mom.Mother
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Truth (2)
The next morning 7 : 15 am,The curtain is waving by the wind through the window, there is a small box left on top of the table. That is the leftover food from previous night. Arin slowly opened his eyes while rubbing them, after that he looked time on his phone. " Ohh there is still time left " After saying that to himself he then get into the toilet, while sitting on the closet he started to yawn. " Did i forgot something? Probably not "After exiting from toilet Arin then took his brush and paste and started to brush his teeth. While brushing his teeth he suddenly remembered something, at that moment his brush fall to the ground. Arin ran towards his phone and checked the banking application. After checking that he pinched his cheek. *Awch*He is made sure that he is not dreaming right now. He can't believe his eyes, everything that happened yesterday was real. His eyes opened wide while looking at his account balance. 『 Name - Arin. Account no - 23××××××××××09
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Arin was returning to home, but then he suddenly felt a stare on his back when he passed by a flower shop. He slowly turned his head and looked at his back, for his surprise he saw a black and white fur kitten cleaning it's face with paw, There is nothing other than that kitten in there at that moment. Arin looked at the kitten for sometime and decided to buy it some snacks, he looked around him and saw a fish store. Arin quickly get into the store and bought some small fishes, after that he bring those fishes to the kitten and gave those to the kitten. The kitten enjoyed the fish, Arin looked at the kitten, after looking at it sometime he left it and returned to his apartment. As soon as he arrived at the apartment he called Sean and told him to come quickly to his apartment. A few hours later he heard a knocking on his front door, Arin opened it. It was Sean. Sean - Arin why did asked me to come quickly?Arin - i want show you something. Sean - what is it?Arin - you have ze
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First Sight
When Arin's mom looked at him, what she saw was tears flowing down through her son's eyes. She asked " Arin why are you crying ?" Arin wiped his tears using his T-shirts sleeve and said. " Nothing mom, it's been so long since I last ate anything delicious"Dad - you could eat your hearts fill, eat slowly and here drink this. His dad pour a glass of water and gave it him. They all ate the food and it's about the time to sleep. Arin began to think about what was happening lately in his life. " Is it just a dream or reality, why do I get this super phone? Is there really any kind of supernatural things out in the world? "When he was thinking about all that, there was a small black and white fur kitten playing on outside by chasing frogs and moths. Even he didn't know when did he fall asleep, but he woke up by hearing the roosters morning call. Arin yawned and rubbed his eyes after that he go towards his bathroom for brush his teeth. He then also finished his morning activities and
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Black Card
He pressed the button on the side of his seat, The bus stopped. Arin said sorry to driver and got out of the bus. Arin took his phone and walked towards a shop. The shopkeeper asked him what he wanted to buy. Arin - sir, i don't want to buy anything. Shopkeeper - then why did you come here? ( The shopkeeper looked at Arin with disinterest )Arin - Sir, could you please gave a note of 500 zerx?Shopkeeper - what?? How dare you ask for money. From someone who you didn't even meet before?Arin - Sir, i don't want that money for free. I only have online cash on me now. I will send you the 500 zerx through the zerxpay. The shopkeeper was fidgeting around and finally gave Arin the 500 zerx.Arin took his phone and opened zerxpay and then he paid the shopkeeper the amount he got from the shopkeeper. And after that he took the money and carefully put it in his pocket. He slowly started to walk on his way he saw the small black and white fur kitten, as soon as the kitten saw him it came
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Hotel Wynex
Mister jhon was was laughing on inside, but he didn't show his happiness on outside. Samuel asked to Arin why is he kicked out both of them as soon as he signed the contract. Arin - I don't want anyone who is looking down on me in my hotel. Samuel didn't say anything and asked his permission for to pickup their belongings. Arin gave them his permission. Both of them started to pack their belongings from the office and Arin once again asked them. " Do you remember our agreement? "Jhon : Yes, i do remember our agreement. No one will know who bought this hotel. Arin - that's good. After they finished sorting their belongings both samuel and jhon left the hotel, then Arin sit down on the owners chair and closed his eyes. At that time while walking samuel asked to jhon that is it alright to not to tell Arin about that this hotel is haunted. And jhon said. " Yes let's not tell him about that, he is a arrogant little prick. " ( Hotel Wynex was haunted since last few months, many pe
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That Thing
Arin looked back, he felt like someone is following him. But didn't saw anyone " it must be my imagination " he thinks himself but even while thinking that he still fear the rumour of that ghost. He was going to his old apartment to pick up some of his stuff, he climbed the stairs to his apartment. Then put the key on the keyhole and opened the door, while he doing that someone was watching him and ran towards him. When Arin looked at that, the mysterious figure bumped into him Arin got startled and fall backwards. For a moment his soul left his body and Arin looked at that figure and said. " Ren? Don't scare me like that. "Hihihihi that kid named ren giggled and asked Arin " big brother where did you go few days ago? Ren was waiting for you "Arin - Ren my dear, i was in my hometown. I am sorry for not being able to play with you. ( Ren is arin's neighbour and he's only 4 years old, because Arin was his neighbour they used to play a lot )Ren looked at Arin and said " big bro c
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The slight shooting sound Echoes the alleyway there are nails everywhere. Arin didn't open his eyes and keep shooting the wererat, after few minutes later he opened his eyes at that time what he saw was the dead body of the wererat lying there. The head of that wererats body had a lot of nails pierced through, and there is even more nails on the floor. At that time the body returned to its normal human form, Arin became even more scared when he saw that. " Di...did i just kill a human being? What do I do? I need to do something " Arin became panicked scared. He began to hyper ventilate. He slowly breaths while being calm himself down. He opened his tear filled eyes and then looked at that now became human dead body of the wererat and decided that he need to throw away the weapon he used to kill it. Before escaping that Arin stand up and searched around the dead body, he saw that the rat was wearing a ripped pants. Arin decided to check on its pants, what he saw on that wererat
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Arin followed Sera to the office, on his way he asked to Sera why did she called him. Sera then replied " Sir, our cleaning staff found some blood on the stairs. I think someone or something had been break in here yesterday. "Arin put his hand on head and said " Sera, that was me. I got a wound on my leg. "Sera - a wound? Is it serious...? Did you stitch it?Arin - Yes, i did stitch it. ( He then shows her the wound, when Sera saw the wound she covered her mouth with her hand. The wound was pretty deep she asked him how did he wounded? )Arin said to her that an iron bar pierced through his leg, while he was doing some work in his old place. After confirming that he's okay Sera returned to her office, then Arin decided to go out and buy a new dress. Before doing that he searched about the masquerade party, and found how to dress to that. Arin head out and looked for a shop that sells suites, after long time of searching he found a place. But the place was kind of underwhelming.
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