Chapter 42


"I'm sorry Jay, I have to go,I will be back" Ariel pecked me on the cheek and left in haste.

I was alone again,I sighed and stared at the ceiling.I don't know how long I will be like tiring and lonely.

Why did I wake up when it won't make any difference?

"Jay love,how was your night?" Mom whom I don't even know when she came in said.

I turned my gaze to her and she looked better than yesterday. She looked less hagard and the circles under her eyes was disappearing.

My accident must have bothered her a lot.

"I made your favorite but I was told you have already eaten. Your team brought food for you,you know I wanted to ask,is she just your team leader or she's more than that?

When you first got into an accident she rushed to the hospital crying, she cried for two days straight and refused to eat" Mom paused and placed the flask she brought with her on the table.

"I was surprise, even I your mother looked more relaxed than her.she was
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