Criminal mind

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Criminal mind

By: Sultana OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Allow me to introduce myself, I am Detective Jay, renowned for solving the toughest of cases," boasted Jay. The man before him simply grinned. "You seem doubtful of my abilities. Just wait until I..." Jay's words were cut short as the man fled. "F*ck you!" Jay cursed and gave chase. Former gangster Jay found himself reincarnated as a police officer. With his newfound lease on life, his intellect grew sharper, his senses more acute, and he quickly ascended to become America's most celebrated detective, cracking every case that crossed his path.

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Gangster jay
Chapter 1"Clang,clang,clang" *Sounds of clashing metals filled the air.The blacksmith halted his hands on his work, directing his attention toward the sound. "She must be awake this time! 'Spoke a voice hoarsely with a creepy smile."Where...where am I?" Muttering, a figure sleeping on the cold floor slowly sat up, as she adjusted her view to the light of her surroundings. Everywhere was dark and it was hard to make out anything. She freaked out and tried to stand up only to see she was caged.She panicked and shook the caged trying to open it but her effort seems fruitless as the door did not even budge "Help! Somebody help!"All she got was an echo of her own voice."Stop screaming no body will come" a tired voice rang out in the quiet isolated place."Huh?" She turned to her left side and saw someone elseThe person turned on the small kerosine lamp by her side and she could make out where they are now. They are both inside different cages and what was even more frigh
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Women in red case
Chapter 2Jay POVAriel was now sitting in front of me with a bag of files. "What are they for?" I can't help but ask"If you can find clues just by what I wrote on the board,you should find something if you go through the files" her eyes were gleaming with excitement. "All of this?" I looked at the files,they are too much,I don't think I can finish it in a day. "Yes everything" she nodded "Forget it,instead of wasting my time on these I will rather try find out what the red clothes and heels signifies" "What about the clothes?" She questioned excitedly. "It is the key to the case,if we were able to find what it means then we can get the murderer" I explained. "And how do we find out?" She asked again If someone comes in now they will think am the team leader here"That will be hard but we are going to start afresh,since we are moving in a new direction now" she turned to the rest of her colleague she had ignored before. They have been sitting there for the past 30 minute
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The blacksmith
Chapter 3Jay POVHe halted as soon as he saw us,his eyes revealed surprise.I was watching his every move and expression."Who are you?" His voice gave a deadly feeling "You must be the blacksmith here?"I returned his question with a question " Yes I am,do you need help?" He looked from me to Frank.I turned to Frank and saw he was sweating 'Idiot ' I know this man is oppressing but Frank is easily scared tooI nudged him."You ok?" He nodded and I scoffed,he bullied the real Jay a lot but he can't stand a Murderer.I focused on who I'm here for "I need a knife,and cutlass" I saw his expression frozen. He recovered almost immediately."Ok,it a dollars for knife,$5 for cutlass" "That is quite cheap" I grinned "I need it tonight? Can I get it?" I stared at him,our gaze lingered a bit before he smiled.Since we entered this building, this is the first time he smiled.I got chills on my back and almost broke a sweat but am I not Frank?"Yes you can,wait there" he directed us to a sh
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New case
Chapter 4Jay POV"He's awake" Frank called to my attentionI looked into the interrogation room,he was handcuffed to the table Drake was taking care of my injuries since I won't go to the hospital,he decided to give me the first aid treatment. "It time" I went into the interrogation room"I see you are awake Mr Jeffrey Landsay" we already got his DNA and fingerprint so it easy to tell who he is I sat down grinning "How does it feel to be caught by me?" He threw me a glare "Well let's get to business,why did you kill them?" He kept quiet "Mr Jeffrey, we have evidence and proof you did it,don't think pleading the fifth will save you" he still said nothing"Mr Jeffrey, I'm not so patient I might…."He let out a chuckle "So what if you got me?if you can't make me confess it useless""Is that so?" I raised my browHe scoffed "What if I made you confess?" "Try and see" he dared me I sighed. I know it will be hard to make him confess that why I did all the calculations and thi
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Heart failure
Chapter 5Jay POV"3 people is gone now and it just the 3rd day after they got the threat" Claire explained,apart from Ariel she's the only female among us. I rubbed my eyesI'm sleepy and this new case is taking a troll on meHow are we to solve this in a day? Just because each day,a person is killed."Jay get some rest,you might collapse" Ariel must have noticed how tired I am."It ok,we need to crack this case,if I sleep we might lose another person" I yawned "Don't worry we will do the work get some rest" she urged "Ok I will leave it to you guys" I decided to sleep in the police quarters there's no way I'm going home.if Ariel managed to crack it before tomorrow fine but if she doesn't…. Not like I wish she didn't though This case on it own is crazy,what type of lunatic kills everyday.When he first sent a letter of threat nobody took it serious until the next day the first victim was found died.He still sent another threat that someone else will die and the next day someone
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The picture
Chapter 6Jay POV I studied the body again and sigh"Did you find anything?" An old man suddenly came in my view"Captain" I greeted He nodded"Did you find anything" he repeated "Apart the fact that they die by drugs,there's nothing""What did you mean drugs? Didn't he die of heart failure?" Captain looked puzzled "Naa it was fear,they died of fear,whatever they saw before they died but have made them afraid and the drugs which were already given to them,made their fear raise which caused heart failure till the heart stopped beating." I explained "What are you saying,we carried out investigation,and found of it heart failure""Then reinvestigate" I saw captain gritted his teeth in anger "Have been dealing with cases for the past 10 years now,just because you managed to crack one case doesn't mind you should be arrogant" "If I were you,instead of exchanging words here,I will go recheck the other victims and see if I made mistake," "And if you are wrong?" He eyed me and spat.
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The truth of the matter
Chapter 7Standing on the rooftop opposite BrainHub was a slim figure.She was in black vest and pants,black sneakers with a nose mask.She watched as the police were going to and fro in front of the hospital and smirked"What a waste of time,I was worried for nothing,even till now no one found anything relating to a pity.Jack Mike it is your turn tonight" she turned back and left leaving nothing but a pile of dust.Jay POV"Mr Jack,I need to question you. Hope you cooperate"Mr Jack shifted his glass from his nose and cleared his throat."Go on" he sipped his coffeeHe was a man of elegance He is the chairman of BrainHub,I studied him and saw how neat and proud he is.For a man of 60,he looked quite young"What was your connection between the three victims?" I threw my first ,I saw how he paused but continued sipping his coffee. If I wasn't paying attention,I wouldn't have known he would halt for three seconds."My connection with the three victims? What sort of connection co
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The Josephs
Chapter 8Jay POV"Come to BrainHub now, Ariel!" I commanded urgently over the phone."What's happened?" she asked from the other end."No time to explain. Come to the chairman's office. I've locked him in and Claire is watching over him," I explained."What? You locked the chairman in? What are you--""He's the next victim. Come watch over him and help me find someone," I cut her off."Talk to Drake. He knows a thing or two about finding people.""Okay, come quickly.""Jay, if--"I hung up, not wanting to hear whatever she was about to say. I quickly dialed Drake's number."Hey, Drake.""Hey, Jay.""Can you find someone for me?" I asked without wasting any time."Who?""Wait, let me send you a picture." I hung up and sent him the picture.I called him back. "That man in the middle, the old man. Find information about him.""On it.""How long will it take?""20 minutes at most," he replied."Okay, I'll be waiting." I hung up again.I was in a coffee shop across from BrainHub, watching
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The truth behind the case
Chapter 9Jay POVI yawned,I was drained and might collapse at any time. "Jay,I think you should go home and rest" Ariel spoke with concern"I'm fine,I need to….." I tripped and almost fell over but Ariel caught me."See you are not fine.Frank send Jay home" She sounded annoyed.Frank used his hands to support as we left the station."Is he ok?" I heard Jay's Mom now my Mom whispered."I think he's just drained and hungry" Frank replied as he lay me on the bed."Then he should eat first" "He can't eat in this condition,he needs rest first" Frank pulled my Mom out.The room became silent and I soon slept off. I frowned and slowly opened my eyes. I blinked to stabilize my vision.I rolled on the bed and checked the clock on the table by the bed."4pm,I must have slept a whole day" I groaned and sat up.I haven't taken my bath for days now,so I decided to have my bath.I've been soaked in cold water since it's summer anyway.I came out of the bathroom and walked to my closet,I took a s
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Reward Event
Chapter 10 "Jay! Jay!""Mom what is it?" I answered her still sleepy."You sleepy head,you are late" she half yelled. "Late? late for what?""Late for your reward event of course" "Ohhh" I sat up immediately."Thanks Mom,I almost forgot" I went in direction of the bathroom."I will help with your clothes" I can tell how happy she is.My clothe were already on the bed where Mom placed it.I'm to wear uniform today. I don't know what reward I will be given for solving the cases on a roll but I still got to go right? Mom boasted to all neighborhood aunts,she even told them about the reward I was getting today.Typical of her. I came into the kitchen and saw how she was grinning and humming some lyrics.She was preparing my sandwich.I looked up at the kitchen ceiling and frownIt looked old and just a slight force might blow it off.I noticed the same in my bedroom but Mom can't afford much.she had to take care of an adult like me.Being a police officer doesn't pay
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