That case

Chapter 48


'Maybe I saw wrong,she can't be sneering or did she have a habit of sneering?'

I shaked my head to clear the thought of Patricia.

I just can't seem to forget the sneer she gave me.

I can't shake off the feeling.

I felt it meant something.

'Gosh Jay you are thinking too much' I groaned and dragged myself to the station.

"You are back? Any clue?" Betty jumped in front of me as soon as I got in.

"I got nothing,but I need you to help me"

"What is it?"

"I need to check someone for me"


"Her name is Patricia, I don't get her surname"

"What about her pictures?"

"Nothing, I have nothing about her"

"That will be hard but it not impossible"

"Then let's get to work" I urged her and we both got to my desk and started working.

"Here,check this out" I stared at the screen,and shake my head no

"Not her,check again"

"There are so many Patricia's in America , you know," Betty complained, pouting.

"I know but please check thoroughly"

"Ok" She muttered
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