Chap 170

Aaron and Esther left Zack who was still faithful to shouting incoherently, berating and insulting Aaron so that the man would come back and deal with his current behavior.

Unfortunately, Aaron was not provoked at all. He didn't care about Zack's screams, and neither did Esther.

After coming out of the room that held Zack, Esther immediately dropped her body onto the sofa located not far away. She looked tired.

"It turns out that dealing with someone like Zack is tiring too, huh? I didn't expect him to still be able to fight back when he's in such a tight spot." Esther chuckled, as if she had forgotten what Zack had done to her earlier.

"Zack is like that. Why do you think Joe chose to kick him out of the house instead of forgiving him?" Aaron narrowed his eyes, then snapped his fingers as Esther looked back at him with furrowed brows. "Yep, Zack is the type of person who doesn't know himself. That's why, Joe would rather let him go than have to live with him for the rest of his l
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