Henry sat at the dinner table as he silently observed the heated argument between Mr. Thompson and Mr. Wolf. Mr. Wolf was trying to convince Mr. Thompson to let Henry join the Chronos Weavers.

"Why can't you see, Henry? This is a golden opportunity for you to showcase your talents and skills." Mr. Wolf said.

Mr. Thompson shook his head, "Henry, I must inform you that entering the Chronos Weavers is not just about watch making. It involves risks and dangers that you are not prepared for."

Henry sighed, he was overwhelmed by their conflicting opinions. "I appreciate your concerns but none of you have the right to tell me what to do. I am just a stranger who happened to cross your paths. I will make my own decisions."

Henry stood up abruptly and stormed out of the dining room as his mind filled with confusion and frustration. He made his way upstairs and locked himself at his room.

As he sat on the bed, Nova suddenly spoke. " Henry, don't stress yourself too much. You still have a m
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