"Mr. Thompson, I've been contemplating with Mr. Granger's plan. It's truly a daring one, to say the least. But do you believe it has a chance of success?" Henry asked.

Mr. Thompson leaned back in his chair, as he contemplated, "I guess it might work out if Mr. Wolf is there but if he's no longer there at his laboratory. He might relocate somewhere to evade detection." he said.

"You have a point. I have considered this possibility and have devised strategy to address it." Henry replied.

"Okay, share it." Mr. Thompson was intrigued

Henry took a deep breath, "Umm, I'll try to infiltrate the Chronos Weavers laboratory. You see, my stealth skills are unmatched and I am confident I can gain access without alerting their security systems."

Henry noticed Mr. Thompson shaking his head, "No, you were almost killed by him. We don't know he put traps inside."

"I understand the risks but I am willing to take them. I'm the one who stole the blueprint and let Mr. Wolf have it. Mr. Granger said
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